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@NHTIs your location already on the 7.2 ATT. I'm in Detroit and see nothing close to your speeds but I'm using the old 3G and were still on 3.6 Mbps
Isn't it great we have something to talk about other then the oil spill. Seriously folks their is so much mis information. People who rely on the bars as an indicator to wether you have a problem are wasting your time. When not connected the indicator is a estimator until the phone is sharing bit error rates with the tower you really don't know what's going on. Also realize that signal performance is not static both the tower and the device adjust power based on...
Let's get over the MP myth. The lens and sensor is more important for good picture. If you can't balance the sensor, lens, software you eat up storage and get a picture with a bunch of noise. I'm more interested in real world side by side picture comparison in different lighting conditions.
Thought the rumor on the Video decoder was the VXD375 based on the driver software.
They just wanted to create a furball. There is nothing wrong technically with H.264 but it isn't free and for alot of folks free is better. Did you ever turn down a free beer For Google they have muddied the water and created this love fest of all these folks bellying up to the bar to be googles new best friend. Apple has remained silent so they are the bad guy. Apple will be able to adapt as well as anyone if they so choose, but h.264 is the primary codec today on the...
h264 is an open standard. It is not free. Open does not mean you can't charge.
Apple hedges currency . From the 10Q
I think Gene needs to sharpen his pencil along with the rest of the Street. If Apple sold 2.603M in 2009 and I get 39% growth then I sell 3.618M not 3.1 to 3.2M The US sales from NPD point to a much better number then Gene will admit because the overseas sales have been better then the US. As far as iPod cannibalization Apple said in the CC they expect -7% YOY and again the world-wide sales are probably better then US but well have to wait and see.
The Hype builds. It was interesting to me that Verizon was nowhere to be seen at the release of the iPad, but that too could be coming. Apple has already gathered the low hanging fruit. My guess the the folks remaining on Verizon will not switch for the Iphone, but on the other side alot of ATT folks will gladly accept the next iPhone on ATT because of contracts and such, so if Apple hopes to continue to out grow the smartphone market in the US, they will add additional...
The iPad will launch with new firmware but doubtful that they will call it version 4 of Iphone OS. Apple has called it 3.2 for a reason. They wouldn't throw a major update out without giving App developers a chance to ensure compatibility and they need to provide a method for developers to build software for both the iPhone and iPad. I would expect Apple to preview the Iphone OS SDK soon to give developers a chance to update/optimize their software.
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