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Glad to see all your concern. Actually this app is a great idea IMO. If you know anything about networks you would realize that finding problems is not as simple as most folks think. UMTS and HSDPA are noise-sensitive systems. The data speed delivered is directly related to the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Every cell in a UMTS/HSDPA network use the same frequency, and signals from different cells overlap, collide, and interfere with one another. This interference is due...
You had a question on who owned 4G patent pool. This is a source for estimates. As far as quoting and linking. Some folks like to see the source. I don't think I disagree with your thoughts on Qualcomm and the potential for an Iphone using Qualcomm technology.
ABI Report
Guess what another name for the 3G standard use by the Iphone is? WCDMA and as was said earlier in the thread Qualcomm hold many of the key patents for 3G and 4G so Apple will pay royalties to Qualcomm for whoever's chipset they use.
I would think it a big leap for Apple to go their own on the baseband processor. At some point, but if we are expecting PA SEMI to design the baseband then I would expect Apple to buy some IP, somebody like InterDigital so they wouldn't have to pay huge royalties to the likes of Qualcomm, Nokia et. al. As far as royalties rumor said Apple was paying only 1.6% to Qualcomm under the current agreement not 5.5%. That probably because they are using Interdigital & Infineon...
The pace of the mobile phone industry pretty much guarantees that Apple will introduce new phone models in 2010. Moore's Law predicts that the number of transistors doubles every two years so why not take advantage of these advances whether it is a new processor core or GPU or camera lens. Even if they look about the same they can get more for the same price of silicon with each generation. That said if they are bringing out a new SDK/Software in Mar and a new handset...
Apple would be still stuck paying royalties to Qualcomm since they pretty much own the IP for CDMA.
If Apple is in talks with Qualcomm then it would logically include a CDMA, EV-DO baseband. I agree it is too early for Apple to be putting LTE in the 2010 iphone why pay for silicon that you can't use. Apple currently sole sources all their basebands from Infineon and Infineon does not currently offer CDMA chipset. If Apple builds a CDMA phone with Qualcomm chips they then can play Qualcomm off Infineon for the transition to 4G LTE and get better pricing.
Why do you think these chips would be power hogs? If we look at the current Infineon chip you have multiband HSPA and Edge for voice and data on 65nm die. The new Qualcomm chips are 45nm. When you shrink the die you get more transistors and reduced power consumption.
Yes the built CPUs but they sold off that business as Freescale Semi Conductor and it went private. The motorola of old and today are not the same. They rested on their laurels a bit long IMO. As far as the Droid and Moto reputation the study lacks credibility. How do you gain brand loyalty over a one month period. Brand loyalty means you are likely to purchase another widget from the same manufacture and Apple has proven to have amazingly sticky fan base and I would...
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