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Why not? If we are talking hardware what can you do on a Dell PC that you can't on a Mac. Given the choice I would take that 27" i7 at my desk if my boss would buy it and guess what. The system is capable of running either OSX or Windows, but I think you know that. I never said it is game over for Microsoft because everyone loves Inertia. Years ago people use to say no one got fired for buying IBM today the same could be said about selecting Window as your operating...
The two numbers you quote are not related the way you describe. You need to factor that into your analysis. AdMob measures hits from devices. The 40% is a quarter over quarter increase of sales and not installed base. If anything the Admob data shows trend in usage which can help in determining trends in sales but to say that since Apple had 40% of the French sales in the 3rd Qtr equates to 100% of the web traffic to AdMob network is a big stretch.
Don't think their OS share jumped 50% but then. If I compare the stock price OTH Appl vs MSFT I can tell you which I would have wanted
@ Jason Verizon uses CDMA for voice and EVDO rev A for data which is also called CDMA2000. ATT and Tmobile are the big US GSM carriers. The 3G standard ATT uses is W-CDMA(UMTS). Technically the CDMA2000 standard also can support simultaneous voice and data but Verizon never upgrade their network to the Rev B standard and instead will roll out LTE for the higher data rates.
Why is it a pain. The only avenue of attack in not SSH. That is the current avenue being exploited actively. The fact you bypass application signing and allow other processes which bypass the sandboxing of applications opens many more opportunities then a SSH based attack. I could care less if you or anyone else jail breaks their Iphone, but bypassing the security environment increases your security risk. Security is a constant cat and mouse game and no one on the...
Personally the folks who jail broke their phones now have to decide if it is worth the pain. You get a little more functionality and a huge increase in security risk. If security doesn't matter then the jailbreak releases you from the grasp of Apple control, but it is obvious that the security environment on a jail-broken iphone in dangerous. My guess is the jail-breaking will become much more a niche market since Apple has continued to improve the Iphone and has a...
Not a fan of the ATT network although it works great in my area but I believe 2.5G Edge was part of the IMT 2000 standard better know as 3G so depending on what Verizon is meaning ATT could argue that Edge be included in the map.
The CE4100 which is a customized ATOM SOC would probably do the trick. Notice it does 2 1080p streams. It was announced at IDF 2009.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wd1GB...layer_embedded
Try this sitehttp://ituneslp.net/
Goggles terms of service have said that Turn by turn was not allowed. So we introduce turn by turn and what? The front end to the Map app is built by Apple so to integrate this new functionality requires a new software release. Is this hard ? Probably not, but Apple works on a schedule and if google brings new functionality to their offerings then Apple will most likely take advantage of them. Folks are falling over themselves because google announced new capability...
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