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What do we mean by netbook other then a cheap POS laptop. The things that matter are does it fit in our pocket, does it fit in our backback, or does it sit on the desk and never move. Does weight matter? Or is it a combination? Don't let the analyst tell us what to buy or for that matter techstud. Buy what fits your needs and see where the numbers fall. My guess is Apple is serving a ever bigger audience and most are very happy
It humors to me to see Techstud on an Apple thread. I hope you don't judge by number of posts, but quality. As far as numbers go, growth rate is important and profit if you are in the market. AAPL the stock is doing fine, and the company is doing better so argue the merits of individual devices, but the Apple business strategy is the stuff of textbooks. For every misstep their is an omg. Who thought the App store would sell in the billions. Not Nokia, Not...
I agre with the premise, but what really matters? Apple cares about their affect about the environment, but they are a bit player in the market, Good luck\
Reading through the thread it seems some folks are confused about what is going on with the lawsuit. This graphic gives a decent outline of what intel is doing to change their architecture with Westmere. IMO Intel is purposely leaving Nivdia out of the mix. The key point being Nivdia will no longer provide a northbridge controller/GPU for Westmere. The second question is how does that affect Apple. Apple was using the 9400M to improve graphic performance in their...
Let's not forget that FudzillaWhat is Ion2 the follow on to the 9400M also called MCP89
I think you need to pay extra. Pay by the word. 3.1 is free for those who have knowledge. So pay up dude. As far as companies charging for products I heard Toshiba was charging $50 for people to redeem their free Windows 7 upgrade if they buy a current system so move along and complain somewhere else. You add nothing to the discussion other then trashing others ideas. If you want to read the board handout from the FASB meeting Board Meeting Handout
Actually I can say anything I want End of story. As far as that goes IMO Apple will not charge for upgrades to Ipod touch software because not charging builds good will and they can absorb the cost by selling more units. So for all the folks who waited when Apple activates the 80211.n and FM on the broadcomm chip in the new touch it will be a free Christmas present
@ Techstud I would wait for Apple to implement the change before telling everyone how Apple will implement. Apple used subscription accounting on the Iphone and did not on the Ipod. The rule change allows Apple to adjust how they will account for sales using GAAP accounting, so instead of deferring revenue and recognizing sales over the useful life of the product they can recognize the revenue and only a portion of the revenue for software upgrades would still be...
AFIK both KT Corp and SK Telecom offer 3G/GSM on 2100. Coverage map of KT
There have been a number of facts which point toward Apple using a ARM processor core with PowerVR for Graphics. If Apple is making their own SOC, they will probably use the basic design in all their mobile products because the real cost savings come when you make alot of them. Assuming they go with an A9 with PowerVR they can vary the clock speed to meet power requirements for the individual devices higher clock for tablet and lower for Iphone/Touch. IF we want a...
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