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At our other apartment I had no issues connecting to our home WiFi network with my iPod Touch. Since we have moved I have not been able to connect, it finds the network with 2-3 bars, I touch the network name it attempts to connect but comes up with a message of Unable to join the network 'network name' with the option to dismiss. I am not sure why this has happened. I am near the Time Capsule/Airport. Any Ideas what is going on.
It all depends where in canada you live. If you a near a store location you can either just go in and ask to speak with a Genius about it or give the 1800 number a call and they can arrange the appointment for you. Other than that you will need to call the 1800 number and they will explain any other way of getting it repaired or replaced.
We have a Time machine that we use as a wireless router. We have noticed that since the update a few months ago our cordless phone has been acting up, the closer to the time machine that you are the worse the problem is. Is there a way of changing what frequency the time machine uses?
Thank you both for the help. They were really getting annoying, showing up in every folder.
Good News, We got approved for an apartment, I got a job offer and we really like the area.
For some reason after about a week or so of owning our white macbook we started seeing these .DS Store Icons everywhere. You can't delete them they just come back. What can I do to get rid of these?
Hello All, So Excited , We're moving to the Gatineau area from Bonaventure Quebec(Gasp├ęsie), after some thought and debate. We have only visited the area a few times, we chose the area due to it's abundant number of parks, it's proximity to Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and surounding areas. If you know that area, what kind of activities are available in the region. Anyone have any leads on apartments for rent available the 1st of May. Also, do you know anyone who is...
Did you try going to your keychain section? You should be able to find his saved password there and be able to delete it.
I have noticed that in general it is pretty good but it all depends who you get when you call, sometimes you get a guy who really just seems like he wants to go home.
You always have to Eject your iPod. The only one I have noticed that you do not need to click on eject on iTunes is the iPod Touch. I believe it is a "safety" feature to make sure that nothing is being transfered at the time of disconnection. I also believe that it still charges even after you hit disconnect.
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