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I don't get it. Who buys these? What's the demographic? The technology isn't bad; I get it, but really... $489/$359? to read on a e-ink, or whatever it is in black & white. If it were a $100, I'd consider getting one for my dad.
So, does this mean I wasted my money on the "Cell Tracker" app? I'll compare in a few minutes.
I would like to petition Apple Inisder to add one photograph/graphic to each RSS Headline that requires it. For Example: if the RSS headline reads "Griffin Technology Updates Elan case for iPhone 3G" then when you select the RSS article, from your RSS reader, it should show a pic of the case in addition to the text. Another Example: if the RSS headline reads "AT&T cuts 3 Jobs" then an article like that would not require a photograph, but possibly an AT&T logo...
New Posts  All Forums: