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"Thermonuclear" as in "mutual destruction"? Maybe Apple just see all the legal time and expense could be put to better use.
It would be exciting if there was a way for regular (i.e. not rich) people like me to enter a lottery draw to win an hour with Tim. He'd probably get a more interesting conversation too.
Surely the M7 is a bigger win for AppleTV connected "Kinect style" games?
Whilst I'm sceptical on those numbers based on the "cafe test" where it still seems like the iPad is the only product people are buying and using, one area that is hurting our family budget is the bunching up of both iPhone and iPad updates in the holiday season. If Apple think I can buy new iPhones for my wife and I, iPads for the kids and Mac Pros for work, all in the same quarter, they're dreaming. Seems an odd strategy to bunch up the hardware releases into one quarter...
And just in case, they're prepping Google Toothpaste and Google Beach Towels.
Hmm. Maybe the 5 means a five inch screen? Or the show is on at 5pm? Or that there are 5 new patents on the new iPhone? Or on sale October 5th? Or it will cost Samsung 5 billion to copy this one? Or the lineup will take 5 hours to get through? Or there is now 5 lines of icons? Or it only runs iOS 5? Marks out of 5? Seriously, I hope the new iPhone is called "the new iPhone" and not "iPhone 5". The numbering system is inelegant and gets less weildy the longer you use...
I love the notion of metal and unibody construction, but hope the final implementation of the back panel is better because the lines when the metal stops and plastic or glass top and bottom areas is truly horrible - the first Apple design I've had a negative reaction to since the iPod nano. It looks like a removable battery back. I hope (trust) the integration of the back panel will be more elegant than the photos. Hopefully the metal part has a protective film on it that...
"We didn't go into the Search business." - Steve Jobs
Google may be targeting $299 as the only gap in this line up: $499 iPad 3 $399 iPad 2 $299 ? $199 iPod touch So should Apple fill the gap? One option would be an 8gb 7" iPad, but I think iPhone 5 will sport a 4" screen - and so will a new high end iPod touch, which will fill the gap.
Path has a lot to answer for. Their initial Facebook-esque dismissal of privacy concerns caused all sorts of people to sit up and get involved. Path, Colors.... seems like getting huge sums of venture capital doesn't buy common sense.
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