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Shame for Amazon. Don't they make more profit selling an iPad than a Kindle Fire? hehe
iPad 2S? S for 'screen'?
If the strategy is to lure Apple users to Samsung, it won't work. Apple users report ultra high user satisfaction ratings. Once you go iPhone you don't go iClone. But if the strategy is to fool people who don't really care too much about their smartphone as long as it sounds cool in front of like minded friends and appears, from the box, the ads, to be in the same ballpark as an iPhone, well maybe it will. I only have two Samsung products in my house, a TV and a...
These multiple story articles really annoy. Comments on Tim then adobe then something else and back again. How hard is it to post three separate articles? Doesn't AI want to know the metrics on what people read? Am I reading this because I'm interested in Tim Cook or Adobe? Or Sony?
When we created our App, Readable, the iPad offered the opportunity to expand our thinking and options which we had developed for the iPhone version. Sales of the universal App are installed approximately 50% iPhone and 50% iPad, the vast majority of which are iPad 2 (Readable needs a front facing camera for the auto-scrolling via face detection). We considered porting it to Android, but the engineering challenge of meeting all permutations of device and screen make it too...
They lost me at, "Outside the US it will be known as...." It's a global marketplace and if you can't be bothered to treat the rest of the world as you treat the US, well then sell your phone to someone else. I mean why not "the ace" everywhere. How are reviewers supposed to refer to it? Can you imagine the iPhone being called "Macia 600" or something outside the US..... Grrrrr
If Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Sony Erricsson have one factory each, each producing 1m phones, the market share would be: Apple 20% Android 80% But of course that would be an absurdly simplistic situation because each vendor could open more factories - right? And they could each do that at the same theoretical maximum speed, right? But in the real world you make the best product by marrying the best components, people and passion. Apple refuse to compromise on...
Hyundai outsells Mercedes. Which would you rather drive?
With $80b to spend, Apple could buy 2 or 3 movie production companies and a collection of tv production companies and still have most of that left over. Apple only need to buy enough to ensure compelling content and drive the remaining companies into line. Didn't Apple say they were going to keep their financial powder dry and then spend big. If not to buy Facebook then maybe TV?
...Apple invests unspecified amount in Sharp... Bye bye Samsung.
New Posts  All Forums: