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Maps is the only Google presence left on my iPhone and I can't wait to get rid of that too. I just don't want their ads or profiling of me. I thought one of the App Store rules was to deny Apps that duplicated or attempted to replace the default Apple Apps. This App should not be approved. Apple should go thermonuclear on this.
Quote: "Along with the nebulous decision by Apotheker to rid HP of its PC business, the former chief executive also abruptly killed HP's mobile hardware business and moved the webOS software group from Bradley's PSG into HP's Office of Strategy and Technology." HP has an Office of Strategy ?!?!? So what was the strategy behind giving a new product (TouchPad) just a few weeks on the market? Then pissing off all your talented staff? A wasted opportunity of...
If the argument goes that Samsung possess irreplaceable engineers that can make the best screens, then surely offering those engineers well paid jobs with Apple is a good use of the 80 BILLION DOLLARS Apple has. Maybe phase two of Tim Cooks component supply plan is to buy up the human talent. Whilst it is true LG and other suppliers also have tablet products, they don't seem to flout the relationship as much as Samsung. But, if you tempted the engineering talent...
There seems something uncomfortable about outsourcing your screen production to a competitor. Yes, Samsung get paid for the screens, but if they deliberately delayed supply by inventing false production issues, causing iPad 3 to be late, might it not be tempting to launch the Galaxy Tab 3 to take advantage -or at the very least use Apple's work as R&D for your own tablet screens? This is a dysfunctional relationship. The sooner Apple spend some of their cash pile on...
Hello? Apple? There is a world outside the USA, you know, and we buy a lot of your products. Any chance of some Euro or Asia centric content? Football (soccer) the world game, BBC World Service etc.
Those who can, do. Those who can't, copy. Do no evil.
Meanwhile, in related news... Android users with buyers remorse could soon be aided by a Web-based back door that would allow a hacker to check the status of their malware remotely..
Will.....?? Become.....?? More.....?? Competitive? Way waay too little too late. Any serious contender needs to bring something different and compelling to the market in the next quarter. Or else they'll be going up against iPad 3.
This could be a big win for HP. HP could strike deals with HTC and others to license webOS In return for closing their handset business. HP seem to be realistic in their tablet aims and prepared to take a loss short term to gain share. Apple would only worry if Amazon joined a HP & HTC alliance, as then the proposition is complete. If the Amazon tablet turned out to be webOS, wouldn't that be interesting. An Amazon/Android/Motorola tablet is considered more likely, but,...
I bet Samsung don't publish sales figures for the revised Galaxy Tab either.
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