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Mere mortals such as us will never know what really transpired in the boardrooms, and who knew what when. I guess I just believe that if Steve Jobs felt comfortable saying, "And boy, have we patented it!" in the 2007 iPhone keynote, he must have felt pretty justified that Apple was bringing something new to the table.
If the job starts mid August, allowing for training, you'd have to assume the big event is in early September, running for a couple of months until the initial rush dies down. I predict iPhone 5 with iOS 5 and iPod touch 5th gen released globally on Sept. 6th.
I'm not a lawyer so I can't say whether the iPhone and iPad are wholly unique or not but they certainly combined technologies in a new way to change mobile phones and tablets in a pretty substantial way. It would be hard not to argue the two products define their categories. But if I had designed iOS, I'd be pretty upset looking at a mobile phone store today, full of knock offs of my vision. I don't know if Apple can sue, but they certainly can argue for trade dress, such...
New iPhones. New iPads. I think it's my wallet that's going to be thinner and lighter.
New iPhones. New iPads. It's my wallet that will be thinner and lighter!
Apple has a decent lead in tablets and plenty of cash in the bank. They should open a factory in the USA and cancel all orders from Samsung. Yes it will hurt in the short term, but Samsung are not partners if they steal your IP. Stick two fingers up to them. Let's see them copy the next iDevice if they don't have any Apple orders. Far more effective than a lawsuit - and a clear message to suppliers - play fair or lose the account.
If Apple released iSearch, based on the principle of no tracking and no ads - I'd drop Yahoo, Bing and Google in a shot.
Maybe if Apple want to chase market share to go with mind share, they will offer free iPhones with a Mac. But surely it's time for Apple to play hard ball with education and start pushing the iPad aggressively. Compared with the crappy net books foisted onto our kids here in Australia the iPad offers better battery life, better viewing angles, no moving parts, no cables, less weight, cheaper maintenance, and children look after them because they love them.
Amazon's 58% Barnes & Noble 27% Apple 9% Borders-Kobo's 7% Doesn't that add up to 101%?
Releasing OS X Lion seems the obvious choice. Maybe if there was a reason why it would be good if lots of people had Lion BEFORE WWDC..... Personally I think the way to celebrate 10 years would be a limited edition product. Maybe a limited edition RED iPhone, with 10% of profit going to charity. THAT would draw crowds. On the other hand, if Apple are sitting on billions of dollars cash, maybe everyone who presents at an Apple Store with an iOS device gets a voucher...
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