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Any information on the specific hardware and software chosen? Is it Apple developed or third party?
Or how about: PC: "Hi Mac. I'm just trying my new cheaper Windows 7. It's cheaper than Vista." MAC: "Oh cool. Is it cheaper than XP?" PC: "It's cheaper than Vista" Closing screen shows the price of the SL UG v W7 UG
It will be interesting to see the scripts for new "I'm a Mac" Ads - comparing Snow Leopard and Win 7. I expect the angle will be along the lines of PC Guy being proud of all the Vista code that has been removed - for only $120 upgrade, compared to MAC Guy who will list some of the new features - for only $29. Punch line along the lines of... Windows 7 = less for more$, Mac = More for Less$... "Look how much less you get for $120" There is probably a lot of mileage...
i.e. the iTablet becomes the MacBook (consumption), versus the MacBook Pro, as in Pro-duction.
To dominate the consumer electronics, Apple needs 3 product categories; Pocket, Couch, Desk. Apple already has sewn up the mid-to-premium markets in Pocket and Desk with the iPhone/iPod Touch and iMac/Macbook/Pro respectively. Therefore a device similar to the CrunchPad ( http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/06/03...nch-prototype/ ) makes sense. The key category differentiator is consumption versus production. I would argue that the Couch device is all about consumption, so I...
Snow Leopard could be Apple's most important version of OS X. If we assume, for a moment, that the future of (domestic) computing is a landscape made up of iPhone-OS X style touch based device(s) and Android Netbooks, then Snow Leopard could well become the last 'proper' Apple desktop OS version. As such, it will be Apple's legacy, for ever compared to Windows 7 (or whatever comes after that). Therefore it is absolutely important that the usability, tone and performance of...
If the concept of 'total cost of ownership' was more widely understood, then ads such as these would not gain traction. Does the valuation include the free-with-purchase iLife application suite? The whole premise is as pointless as an ad about trying to find a car for under $15k.
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