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Whatever he's making after the pay "cut" it's still wayyyyyyyy too much. In a world where performance=salary this guy would owe MS millions.
Nailed it. Anyone crying wolf about Apple getting change money is focusing on a very skinny tree in front of the forest.
Captain, isn't that an iceberg coming by starboard?
I'll say it again. SUE. NOW.
Sue not only him but the producers as well! The only way they'll think about it twice next time if if you set a precedent.
599.65.... Go go GO!!! Doesn't it feel great to see a company you respect finally crack the ceiling?
AAPL @ 589.58 !
AAPL @ 580.77
Sue them!! Right here right now! NDA breach!
Evil. Lol. You mean every country that is not aligned with US policies or way of life is evil, right? Good soldier.
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