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Don't threaten!! Sue right away!!
Shouldn't it be called 'Inside Foxconn'? Last time I checked it wasn;t thé same company, or does that not even matter anymore?
Google is a competitor for Apple?? Seriously? Do you REALLY believe that? If Yes to all 3 I suggest you Wikipedia what competition is…. And maybe learn a thing or 2.
Well said.
The good creationists don't post online and you're ok with them, the bad ones are despicable, dehumanize others, and are Apple-ish online? Looks like you've got it all figured out profiling the thousands of creationists you have 'run across'.....
Same here, never ever experienced pooling on either iPads, Just now tried to create pooling and you have to press VERY hard to get some… Stating iPad2 has a pooling flaw is from my personal experience not true, and ludicrous yeah.
Misleading title. Amazon hasn't taken anything yet, as the numbers are EXPECTED as in MAYBE they will happen, maybe not. And don't get me started on the shipped versus sold numbers..... End rant
The fact that he only mentioned the iPhone and Blackberry on this makes me say one thing: false. Could and should have said smartphone don't you think? So F U Assange
Conspiracy theory much? Joke aside, anything controversial about major city moves like this, be it factual or well hyped up, will sells tons of paper… The more scandalous it SOUNDS the better.
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