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The more I think about it the more the Carrousel location sounds the best possible option to start in Paris. I doubt Apple is expecting Mona Lisa tourists to buy iMacs by the truckloads.... duh. But they might get an Ipod or other Apple related products. As for Parisians well a lot of them do visit that mall often, for other upscale brands. And it's very central, easily accessible from any quarter of the city.On the Haussman Bvd? you must be joking: one it'd be like an...
You can get either keyboard layouts when ordering through Apple's resellers (Fnac and others) or the Apple store site. >> And thank god for that (Or Jobs)
I see 2 reasons for this:- Available retail space on the Champs are extremely hard to come by, either to lease or plain buy. There's about 1 vacant lot per year, but mostly small floor surface. In all practically not enough for an Apple Store I'd say.So apart from buying out one of the multiplexes or the premium retail spots like Mercedes it ain't happening.- From a retail potential the Carousel location seems quite better, Parisians do not shop on the Champs (well...
Would be just a tad too convenient tie in with the previous rumor now wouldn't it? Almost as if they meant for us to make that connection.... (Would be alright though)
Although I think it's about time the Touch had a camera (from an entirely personal perspective), I'm wondering what this'll do in terms of recognition of each product and the Touch eating up some IPhone shares. I mean soon enough the ONLY thing you'll do with an IPhone that you can't do with a Touch is.... calling people Heck I'll keep my regular crap phone and get meself a Touch then
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