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Enough already with the keyboards, why should Apple take a leap in the past, to please who exactly? The analysts? Keyboards are a dying breed, just like the users they supposedly would please...
Are you psyched, or a psycho about Apple? Yes it was a joke, don't take it seriously or personally, just a harmless silly pun, no need to flame me!
Beautifully put.
Take a look at tablets designs BEFORE the Ipad and you will see how your little reasoning there makes NO sense.Hello earth? Before the Ipad there was no tablet market to speak off, nothing looked remotely close to the Ipad. And now? Samsung did a 360 on their own old designs to clone a successful product. Who is "abusing" the patent system ? How is that "innovation" ? Which company should be protected and encouraged to continue bringing NEW products out?
Thank you Steve, may you rest in peace.
Half the price for a tablet that's HALF the size, thus half as comfortable viewing. With a LOT less horsepower, and Wifi only. That means all your Netflix will be be done at home, where what's the use of a more portable device as you put it? I'd rather watch movies on a big screen at home, wouldn't you? At least it could be used by the kids in a family I guess.. If they want to watch it on a 6" screen.. The one feature that is gold for the kindle is Eink. It makes the...
Am I the only here offended by the intrusion into Mr Jobs life and right to privacy? I mean come on! Don't you have anything better to write about AI? This is barely disguised trash journalism
Aquariums' glass panels are designed to withstand pressure in specific ways, that are nothing like what goes into a building design. I'm not saying you're wrong and such glass panels are impossible to produce today, only that your comparison isn't adequate. The two uses of glass are very very different (and btw aquariums panels are not made of 'glass' usually).
Well said. Any brand would kill to own a building that is quickly becoming a city icon on par with historical landmarks as far as attractiveness goes.
New Posts  All Forums: