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Dude, his whole post was quite clearly jesting. Or maybe yours is as well, but just a tad too subtle
Like 15 other crapblets before….
This is gold, Jerry, GOLD!!!!!!
Almost 1M a month?? Surely you must mean units SHIPPED and not units SOLD with that figure, Mr analyst.... Me thinks they'll be lucky to SELL a tenth of that a month. Only my analysis ofc
The best way to make the nay-sayers deflate is to ignore them. I am ecstatic about Apple's good fortunes, but don't need to rub others about it. Facts, quality products and revenue speak for themselves, and by gloating over Apple's recent successes you only play the nay-sayers' own game. only my 2 cents ofc.
To me this is the biggest announcement of the day, far more reaching and business model provoking than the cloud or music match. It is only a start…
If anything I can easily imagine Steve Jobs retracting statements from Apple, Ballmer or anyone else in the business
>> runs to submit a patent on this GOLD!!
1: even if the 18 months deadline is met, it is AWFULLY SLOW updating isn't it. A year and a half after you buy your device? Seriously? 2: given Google's history what are the chances it will actually be 18 months? More like 24 I bet...2 YEARS
New Posts  All Forums: