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Well said and to the point about Adobe. And Apple.
There's one in Long Island too, in Roosevelt Field Mall. So that's at least 5 in NY state..
Music theme from Kubrick's 2001 space odyssey running in the background ....
$1 million a day for one store.... drools How much do you think the MS stores will make?
They'll all "explode" muhahahaaa
Betcha this is only the tip of the iceberg....
Make a reality show out of it and watch the insane audience ratings!!! Now THAT'S a viable business model for PsySTARSSS And for the season grand finale ... (drums roll) ... STEVE!!!!
I've solely bought from the online store for the last 4 years (for 2 iMacs and 1 MB) and the delay order-Apple at my door never reached one week, actually consistently being delivered 1-2 days ahead of schedule. The again it all depends on their order backlog, which state you live in, shipping services quality etc... All I can say in neither me nor ayone I know had bad experiences regarding the delivery service from the Apple online store. No matter what, It WILL be...
I'd say the Zune HD acceptable price tag would be.... about $290 cheaper? And comparing it to an iPod Touch is just.... so ridiculous it's almost an insult
Talk about not being greedy, I wish him the best even though he left Apple. He earned my respect by not squeezing every possible cent he could while on board. If only the financial moguls could follow the example....wishful thinking
New Posts  All Forums: