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They'll sell like hotcakes for sure!!! Or maybe not Pricepoint will be sub-800!! Then again it could be higher.. or lower At least one thing is certain, they'll make everyone's dream gadget come to life!! Wait, how is that even possible Gotta love the analysts
That level and anticipation and speculation is almost too much. Almost.
The coolness keeps piling on.... in who knows how long though
Analysts underestimating Apple's products appeal... what else is new
Alright, which designer watched Minority report one time too many?
Make the already best customer experience in a comp store even better, that's pure Apple. Thumbs way up I think
I'd agree with you if Psystar represented healthy competition, but as I see it the only thing they stand for is intellectual thievery.
What the hell is wrong with the world today when they could be allowed to reopen with their unlegit business scheme (if I understand correctly they foresee winning the case and happily resume screwing with Apple's SLA?).
Holy crap I feel for your co-workers.... and hope you apply better reasoning and communication in your job, whatever it is that you do. If only you could focus more on whatever that is
While it's fair to say that, it's more than probable that the various French carriers actually "aligned" prices (which ofc is illegal). That is NO choice in my book other than the carrier name.
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