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"Leaked prices for Microsoft Surface reveal the tablet will not undercut Apple's iPad, as the entry-level 32-gigabyte model will cost $499." Two inaccuracies in one sentence. Well done AI! 1)MATH FTW! $499 for 32GB model < $599 for 32GB iPad 2)It wasn't "leaked", it was officially disclosed and put on pre-order.
"The keyboard cover accessory will be available with the Surface tablet for $599, while a top-of-the-line 64-gigabyte model with touch cover will run $699. So to reproduce these cool clicking noises seen in the M$ ad, people have to spent at least 699$. Well done M$!" You've contradicted yourself in a 3-sentence comment. Well done, moron!
I think someone here doesn't know the difference between "specs aren't everything" and "specs don't matter"
Actually, they are all pissed off because it's just a mid range phone masquerading as a mini flagship.Meaning that most of them are more rational than half the people in these forums
I stopped by and just realized how immature most comments on the first page were. Obviously, I-can't-believe-he's-a-mod Tallest Skill is one of the authors. If you think there's nothing appealing about a x86 full-blown computer that's just ~$100 more than an iPad with similar storage *and* packs in more innovation than anything Apple has done this past year.... Oh, what am I talking about. This is AppleInsider. Logic is one of the first casualties in the forums.
That's the point. There's still black immediately around the screen.
That's very un-Apple-like
... they are doing both?
Sure. Fake.
There's still a black bezel, genius.
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