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Who's talking about timeframe? You are. You are the one admitting that Siri doesn't have shown functionally but proceeeds to compare Nokia's OIS picture with accelerated sequences instead. You are the one avoiding that Siri's ad is more at fault ignoring that which doesn't please you.   And really. Hunting for all photos? You're just making stuff up now.
The Siri ones are the most damning. It can't even differentiate between two songs with similar names, let alone allow you to specify the album. Example: Asking for a "New Born from album HAARP" (a live album) simply returns New Born from the Origin of Symmetry album (the original studio version). No way around it unless you ask for the entire OoS album and keep asking "Next" until I get there, as not only you can't ask for a song number, if you ask for a song before or...
If you recognize it as such, and Nokia states which photos are taken with their prototype 920, why the distrust? I haven't seen anyone commenting on the fake iPad camera shot either.
I've noticed you understand a great deal more of photography than me, but... isn't this the whole point of this particular camera? More time to gather more light? EDIT: I don't mean that overexposure is good, just that it could be a logical side-effect of this camera's method for low-light pictures.     Really? Do tell how.
GOD DAMMIT See, here's a thing: In the first picture nothing is claimed except that Optical Image Stabilization was being used, something known to exist in OTHER products, even if with a different execution. The second shot - the one the very article you linked says IT'S FROM THE 920, explicitly states so. Also, will I have to keep posting this while I wait for someone to comment?
If you actually think Apple's going to do anything other than increase MP, I have bad news for you.   How? We saw him taking it.
It destroys current smartphones and the predicted iPhone 5. Come again?  This too ^  Wow I didn't know Apple made a version of the iPhone 4 running iOS 3, with no front camera, AND that looks exactly like the iPhone 3G/3GS! That this error wasn't caught during the trial (apparently) is even more telling of Apple's "innovation"   Just emphasizing.
I was going to quote the rest of your post, but that's such a waste of time, isn't it?
Wow, you are so funny. Because this "thing" is the most innovative smartphone to come out since the original iPhone. Maybe if you dropped the 2-liter kool aid bottle for a second and read what it's got you could figure that out. Go to The Verge, Giz, Anand, etc. There are plenty of impressed people over there. And plenty of "Goodbye iPhone/Android!" comments. It has a 2000mAh battery, close to the Galaxy S3's 2100 (I think). The processor however is 30% more energy...
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