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Well thanks for the link, I stand corrected, this makes me very happy Apple did go with  100% renewable for the entire facility.
It could be powered by wind or water, I would not mind at all, but societies in general really need to start tapping the almost unlimited potential in solar applications, Germany is making incredible strides in this direction. I'm just hoping Apple follows suit.
How is that a false concern, I love everything about Apple as a company, including their products, and their push for renewable energy sources such as solar. But it would be a half step if they build this magnificent structure and not include solar panels in its design. I'm assuming the rendered video shows what looks like solar panels, but not confirmed in any news released by Apple about the campus structural design.
I hope the roofs are going to be solar panel based, or i'm going to be disappointed in Apples momentum in pushing renewable energy sources.
Spot on article Dan, the media and industry will never give Apple its credit where due, they single handedly reshaped the mobile space, and everyone wants them to mimic the fail business model of Microsoft, Google, and Samsung.
WTF, where is the Mini?
My daughter is already asking for an iPhone 5C, and she has a brand spanking new iPhone 5 from a few months ago. She showed no interest in the 5S model.
Maybe it's due to sprints unlimited data plan?
Samsung is grasping at straws, they're soon to be irrelevant as an Apple partner and cell phone company.
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