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WTF, where is the Mini?
My daughter is already asking for an iPhone 5C, and she has a brand spanking new iPhone 5 from a few months ago. She showed no interest in the 5S model.
Maybe it's due to sprints unlimited data plan?
Samsung is grasping at straws, they're soon to be irrelevant as an Apple partner and cell phone company.
Why is this considered a rumor? Why would it be unusual for Apple to lay off staff, every company has laid off staff in the past year or so. I didn't think such a practice would be considers odd if Apple were to do it.
Apple did well to solve their design issues, and now everyone has copied them.
This would never happen if Steve Jobs was still around.
But wait, have these competitors given up on trying to match the new iPads resolution of 2015x1536? All these non retina android tablets don't seem very compelling to me.
I don't see this happening.
New Posts  All Forums: