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Apple likes the mayhem that ensues when they launch a new OS. The press reports that their servers are overloaded as more and more people try to upgrade. It only happens with Apple stuff, do you hear of the servers being overloaded when Android upgrades to a new OS? I upgraded my phone and iPad with just a few hiccups. I'm preparing for a colonoscopy tomorrow, so getting iOS 7 was a nice change.
OK, I just entered the contest, but to do so you have to join the iSkin mailing list. That little gem was hidden. So let's see I entered a contest for an iPhone 5 (something)that I won't win and I'll be getting even more e-mail that I don't want. As contests go, this one is poorly run.
The announcement of the contest or give-away was poorly written. I don't think anyone is trying to nit-pick, but an ambiguous statement deserves to be raked over the coals.
I had to check the calendar to see if this "review" was written on April Fools Day. This is the dumbest review I've ever read.
Beside Windows 8 being a lousy OS. Has anyone noticed how bad the ads are pushing the Surface or whatever they call it. Who thought those ads were good? Break-dancing on desks and snapping fingers, jeeze terrible.
Looks great on my 2008 24" iMac. In fact it looks better than great, it's AWESOME!
I hope no one buys Apple stock until this guy gets sent packing.
The guy just isn't Apple material. Tim Cook should fire his ass at once, and admit he made a big mistake in hiring him.   This is what's wrong with unfettered Capitalism, greed takes over. At some point enough profit is enough profit.
That's a good idea!
I'm getting the same error. I have Safari 5.1.4...
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