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I hate to say it but I think the Ipad Mini should  probably be priced around $249 after seeing the new Kind Fire HDs which actually have some seemingly impressive new features (watch the Amazon Keynote) for a good price.
On the other hand, parts and feature leaks contribute to a feeling of being let down on reveal day.
I will give them more credit for recently making a decent product (Lumia 900) than RIM.
Apart from Digitimes name being on this doesn't it make send to have either a 7" Ipad or Ipod Touch in terms of the HUGE gaming market? I have an Ipad and Iphone but do not find it very enjoyable to play games on the Iphone due to its screen size. What if they made a compelling 7" size for gaming that competed more aggressively with the Nintendo DSs and Sony PS Vita?
Walmart in my area has always seemed suspicious when it comes to Apple Products. To this day in their case they display the Ipad1! The Ipods they display are also last years models. Clueless....
I want a thinner and larger phone AND better battery life. I feel the Iphone is too heavy and the screen is too small. If I had to choose though I'd deal with the same thickness if they could greatly improve battery life.
I hesitate to voice my opinion since it will probably be met with scorn but their latest device (HTC One X) has a hardware design I'd like Apple to take some note of. I love the large thin form-factor and weight, and I've always felt HTC's phones took the best photos in all kinds of lighting circumstances. And yes - I am an Apple zeolet with only Macs, Ipads, and Iphones littered throughout my house. I just feel Apple needs to make a marked change to their next...
I am with you - I manage all of our company's' smart-phones (mostly Iphones) and I just don't care to see LTE features at this point. I have turned mine off on the new Ipad. If Apple comes out with the same form-factor AGAIN and just adds LTE this will be a very un-exciting announcement indeed IMO.
What has not been mentioned in anything i read is whether this new Ipad model will work globally on Verizon Wireless like the Iphone 4S does. This is much more important to our company than LTE which to me is a downside.
I agree that I think they need a refreshed look. I would personally like to see a thinner and bigger form-factor, though I don't want to spark a big debate here on this since I am sure its been hashed around many many many times before the 4S was released.
New Posts  All Forums: