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What does that mean for those of us who just post silly comments?
interesting to note that they don't seem to have trademarks for the iPod mini or Mac mini.
I'm with you.     I appreciated getting the email this evening, but I don't really know what I'll do with the space.  I do most of my backups locally.   I miss the Mobileme gallery.  I wish they'd bring it back
As many others have said, I can't see Apple moving away from x86. Windows and legacy are too important right now. I do wonder though, if perhaps Apple has been working on custom chips on the x86 platform. Getting rid of excess features and streamlining for OS X might make this a compelling idea. I have no idea if such a thing is likely or plausible, but I kind of hope it happens.
You're such a bandwagon jumper.  My first was the Apple ][e.     I was lucky enough to have a math professor for a dad.  I had a dumb terminal to a Dec 10 at home by the time I was 6.  Such a great life!   As one of the first kids to grow up surrounded by tech (and buried in science fiction books), I always assumed that one day we would be living in a world like this one.   I just didn't really expect to be here to see it.     Steve not only expected it, he plotted a...
I'm a senior manager at a medium sized company.  I typically work 60 to 70 hours per week.  I enjoy my job, and the cash that comes with it, so it is my choice.   From what I can gather, many Foxconn workers WANT to work more than 60 hours so that they can collect more overtime.   I'm not arguing that these manufacturers aren't exploiting labour, I'm saying that the problem isn't as clear and one sided as the press makes it out to be.
I removed this post because I had written something which, upon reflection, turned out to be grossly stupid.
  Perhaps I'm confused, but doesn't the current iPad already have Retina?
I quite like the ads, and I suspect that most people will.  They are all about showing all of the great things that the Apple geniuses can do for you.  They go way beyond helping with repairs, they actually help you do all of the stuff that you want to, without having to listen to some lame ass IT jag-off talk down to you like you're a moron.   The ads convey that pretty well IMHO.
I've suspected that they haven't bothered with the Air knockoffs for two reasons.   1. The market isn't nearly as huge, so the economics don't make as much sense.   2.  If the Air knockoffs also ran an operating system which was nearly identical to OS X, they'd have much more fuel to burn them with in court.
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