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I really dislike the length Apple goes through to avoid paying taxes. I generally like Apple, but not when it comes to these shenanigans.
You know, if you look at it by operating system, no matter how you spin it, it is really not good for iOS. Yes, quantity does matter.
 Yes, Siri does suck. It is constantly mispronouncing street names here in Santa Barbara, giving Spanish names an English pronunciation. I can't train it to pronounce my kids' names correctly, and it won't type my kids' name correctly, with no way to train it. Yes, Siri sucks! (Remember when Scott Forstall said in front of everyone that Siri learns along the way? How? B.S. Oh! I forget where it came up, just now, but my wife uses Japanese on her iPhone. It is constantly...
Not shipping until next year, but they will take our money now? I smell another Coin.
Ahhh …you should try an all-electric car for ease of use and maintenance. There is virtually nothing to maintain. No oil to replace, so no oil filter. No transmission; ditto no transmission fluid. No air filter. No fuel filter. About the only thing to do is replace the brake fluid every year or two. And, it pollutes only 1/4 that of a modern gas-powered car, and I'm guessing, maybe only 1/16 that of a 35 year-old car. Try one!
Re: the photo of the car supposedly designed by Jony Ives…it looks almost identical to the Fiat Jolly…it is not original at all.
Sounds like Apple is starting to strong arm the way Microsoft did, and that ain't pretty.
MacNN posted a link to a video showing the Chinese version. It actually looks pretty good I think.
So, despite years of trying, no auto maker offers CarPlay at this time, correct?
Pearson probably just digitized their print books. No interactive, and all that. Apple has a gazillion dollars — the schools need the money — they had better do the right thing and refund the money. Really bad publicity if they do not. Why had it even come to a lawsuit?
New Posts  All Forums: