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The trouble with this picture is that the start neither looks like nor sounds like Steve Jobs.
I really want to see what Cortana can do. Apple should not cripple this service; allow "Hey, Cortana!" You may blast me for this, but I find Siri incredibly stupid and usually cannot answer my question, often not understanding it correctly. Further, for dictation, Siri, or iOS, whichever is in charge of this, has no way to learn, thus it continually misspells my Kids' names and cannot spell them. I hope Cortana does better. Siri needs some serious competition.
This is very poor on Apple's part. They know 16 GB is not enough these days. They just want the extra $100 the 64 GB model beings. I suspect the only people buying the 16 GB versions are those who are really having a hard time even affording the base model, or first-time buyers who haven't learned, yet. Really bad form on Apple.
It is not anti-trust. Anti-trust is when two or more companies collude to set prices, thus giving them an unfair competitive advantage.
Hey! I like the Volt! It was very innovative. And, I have always like the Corvette, especially the new, retro Stingray model. And Hummer? It was just a one-off whose time has come and gone fortunately, seeing how much of a gas-guzzler and bad for the environment it is.
>>>Musk makes stupid decisions with his cars. You mean like making "insanely great" cars? Sounds like Steve jobs. Practicality sounds more like John Sculley.
I really dislike the length Apple goes through to avoid paying taxes. I generally like Apple, but not when it comes to these shenanigans.
You know, if you look at it by operating system, no matter how you spin it, it is really not good for iOS. Yes, quantity does matter.
 Yes, Siri does suck. It is constantly mispronouncing street names here in Santa Barbara, giving Spanish names an English pronunciation. I can't train it to pronounce my kids' names correctly, and it won't type my kids' name correctly, with no way to train it. Yes, Siri sucks! (Remember when Scott Forstall said in front of everyone that Siri learns along the way? How? B.S. Oh! I forget where it came up, just now, but my wife uses Japanese on her iPhone. It is constantly...
Not shipping until next year, but they will take our money now? I smell another Coin.
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