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Ahhh …you should try an all-electric car for ease of use and maintenance. There is virtually nothing to maintain. No oil to replace, so no oil filter. No transmission; ditto no transmission fluid. No air filter. No fuel filter. About the only thing to do is replace the brake fluid every year or two. And, it pollutes only 1/4 that of a modern gas-powered car, and I'm guessing, maybe only 1/16 that of a 35 year-old car. Try one!
Re: the photo of the car supposedly designed by Jony Ives…it looks almost identical to the Fiat Jolly…it is not original at all.
Sounds like Apple is starting to strong arm the way Microsoft did, and that ain't pretty.
MacNN posted a link to a video showing the Chinese version. It actually looks pretty good I think.
So, despite years of trying, no auto maker offers CarPlay at this time, correct?
Pearson probably just digitized their print books. No interactive, and all that. Apple has a gazillion dollars — the schools need the money — they had better do the right thing and refund the money. Really bad publicity if they do not. Why had it even come to a lawsuit?
>>>Download Originals is the default setting for iOS devices with the free 5 GB storage plan and for all Mac devices.   Does this make sense? Why would I want to download all of the original-sized photo to my phone. whether of not I have 5 GB of iCloud backup? Am I reading Apple's statement wrong?
All these companies should be ashamed of themselves. They are not good citizens of the countries that have rewarded them with so much riches. And, our government is nothing but hacks enabling theses companies to rip us all off. We desperately need more revenue so the government can provide vital services for its citizens.
This is very good of Tim, of course. I do think it would be better for our government to get some guts and tax large income at a large rate, so it would be more difficult to accumulate such wealth. After all, more money for them, means less money for us. The trouble with individual foundations is that only projects the individual believes are worthy get funding. If this money were taxed instead, the government could figure out how best to spend it for the common good....
I wish our regulators had as much guts as the Italians. We are pitiful, the way we let corporations walk all over our laws. Have you noticed here that companies often "agree" to pay a fine? What's up with that?! Governments are supposed to fine companies when they are in the wrong whether they like it or not. If a company "agrees" to a fine, it is probably not high enough. Sorry, rant off.
New Posts  All Forums: