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>>>iPads it shipped during the fourth calendar quarter of 2010 came out to roughly $600. With the cheapest 3G iPad retailing for $629, Apple would presumably have had to see the mix weighted heavily towards the the 16GB $499 WiFi model and 16GB $629 3G model for sales of 3G models to outweigh WiFi ones given that ASP. I see faulty logic here. You are neglecting 32GB and 64GB models. So, I don't think you can just state that because the average price of an iPad is $600,...
Boy! It sure didn't take long for Android to catch up to, and maybe even surpass the iPhone, did it?
So, sounds like Apple is overcharging, just a bit, doesn't it?
[QUOTE=dreyfus2;1791576] How about a revised installation folder structure in line with Apple's guidelines /QUOTE] Don't you know Adobe absolutely refuses to make their programs Mac-like? They insist that their programs are the same on the PC and Mac. I hate that!
It has it already.
My big beef with Adobe is their extreme reluctance to add any features to their programs that may make them seem more Mac-like. Control-Command-D bring up a pop-up window? No way! Access to the iPhoto library? Not on your life! (I use InDesign a lot personal work, and I would love access to my iPhoto library, just as Apple provides in their programs. Only last version did we get the ability to change the Adobe default of Command-H to hide the program instead of the...
Doesn't anyone remember that a few years back, Steve Jobs announced that Apple would soon have resolution-independent displays for it's desktop computers. I think this was before the iPhone. The idea was that independent resolution would allow type to be drawn sharper by allowing more pixels without shrinking the typeface at the same time. The announcement was made, and it was never mentioned again.
So, help me out here... I thought Apple had a 5-year exclusive agreement with AT&T. How are they able to break that?
The big stumbling block with the iPhone for me is not the initial price, but the $30 monthly data fee. You say that is not much? My landline is less that the price of the data alone, and we have four members of our family. That's $120 a month extra in addition to the regular $120 monthly family plan. $240 a month. That's why we don't have iPhones of any kind.
>>> it would be difficult to appear to users I believe that should be "appeal to users".
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