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So, what ever happened to Apple's 5-year exclusive agreement with AT&T? How can they get out of this contract?
It seems to me that "growth," "sales," and "profit" are all very different. Growth figures, independent of sales, can be quite misleading, I think.
Isn't that pretty expensive? $50/month? That's just for data isn't it? AT&T's current rate is $30/month, I think, isn't it? And, it's too high for me, considering how there are four phones in our family...
Too steep for me...
Hummm... So with still a low market share, yet making more money than any other company in the computer business, and billions of dollars in the bank, don't you think it is long past time for Apple to lower their computer prices?
Yeah? Well then "business" sucks.
$135 a month is downright awful. Now, not to justify this amount; but, I wonder...do the employees get free housing and food? If not, how do they survive? I guess that is the point.
I am surprised by all the negativity on this board. I suspect it must be coming from everyone younger than me (I'm 52). Because, I still love The Beatles and have been waiting years for their music to come to iTunes. Welcome! I say.
When is Bill Campbell going to get off his duff and bring the Mac version of Quicken up to par or out-do the Windows version?
I think that is really insulting to France.
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