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Booo, Hulu!
I just hope the next version of Adobe's Flash Catalyst and InDesign allow exporting to HTML 5 animation instead of Flash. That would solve a lot of problems for me, I think.
From what I remember, he didn't purchase "stolen" property. The property was "lost." I think there is a difference here...
Are you sure it is Flash? Check the source code. You will probably not find Flash.
So, I just wonder... Do you think I could take my U.S. iPad to Japan and sign on to Softbank for one month at $40?
Those prices seem really expensive. Why the premium over the U.S. deals?
I wonder if we will be able to take our iPads to, say Japan, and but a Japanese data plan while we are there?
Yes, but the lenses in these camera phones are so small that they really only look good playing back on a...camera phone.
With a totally different set of numbers from w3schools. Are either correct? http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp
Well, I hope that isn't next year's iPhone. The more square sides will make it more difficult to get into pockets and makes it look thicker.
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