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You know, there's a lot of style in the house as it is now...thats all.
But I'm familiar with iWork.
anonymouse, very eloquent speech. I could not agree more. Thank you!
Oh, yeah! Deregulation! Don't fall far it. We know all too well how that old story goes!
>>> The report also noted that the CEO of Verizon is scheduled to give the opening keynote at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, and the announcement of a Verizon iPhone could serve as a bombshell for the show. I would think Apple would reserve the announcement for themselves.
Of course, I have no insight into this matter; but, I would suppose the dispute is about artistic integrity and not about money. They have enough money. But, they may think of some of their songs as belonging to a greater whole, like the white album. How many people would get Her Majesty or Revolution No. 9 on their own, or even appreciate those songs out of context. Now for EMI, it might be about money. But, I don't think it is for the others.
It's a funny position, because they were so revolutionary in their time. Seems like they are missing out.
My son was given a CD to complement his 4th grade textbook two years ago. What a disappointment to find that the CD was just a PDF version of the book. No interactivity...I don't remember if it was searchable, or not. Other than that, no added content.
I would be curious to know which is more environmentally friendly...
Gee, original name.
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