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Are you sure about this? I read that FoxConn has 425,000 employees there. That makes it a little smaller than a city the size of San Jose or even San Francisco; but,I don't think those cities have suicide over 10 suicides a year, do they?
Looks like Android is off to a great start.
No, it doesn't all suck, IMHO. Government does a lot of good. A lot. I'll bet this will be a very quick investigation.
This does not bode well for Apple.
Adobe refuses to use Apple technology in their apps. They insist that both the Mac and PC versions of their app be exactly the same. There is an exception in that Preferences is under the Application menu on the Mac. Their thinking is that a designer should be able to go to either a Mac or a PC and feel perfectly comfortable using their apps. So, that means that Control-Command-D does not bring up a pop-up dictionary as it does in other Mac program, Quick Look does not...
Booo, Hulu!
I just hope the next version of Adobe's Flash Catalyst and InDesign allow exporting to HTML 5 animation instead of Flash. That would solve a lot of problems for me, I think.
From what I remember, he didn't purchase "stolen" property. The property was "lost." I think there is a difference here...
Are you sure it is Flash? Check the source code. You will probably not find Flash.
So, I just wonder... Do you think I could take my U.S. iPad to Japan and sign on to Softbank for one month at $40?
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