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I dunno... If iWork.com is just a sharing service, I don't think I would be buying it. It has to at least offer collaboration services, I think. Maybe they'll roll it into Mobile Me.
You know, I feel that companies that make enough money to pay people these huge salaries and bonuses are ripping their customers off my over charging. Sorry. That's how I feel. After a fair amount of compensation, an employee should stick with his job because he loves it, not because he feels he is getting rich.
Grammar question here... I know this is AT&T's language, but: >>>now available in select counties in Georgia, South Carolina, San Diego and Las Vegas. I didn't know the cities of San Diego and Las Vegas were in more than one county each.
Well, let's see. I use my bank's online bill pay system. I suspect most others do, too. Trouble is, I then enter all of my transactions by hand in to Quicken because I do not like the download feature. So, no loss of bill pay, for me. Direct integration with TurboTax? Well, I suspect that it will let us Export a tax file as it does now. Then, we could import that into TurboTax. Could anyone say if this is correct? What about stocks, though? The article says that...
Apple does not want to be seen with objectionable material on its iPhone. Bad for its image. I applaud Apple for this.
You know, Apple wants to keep a squeaky clean appearance for the public. They don't want some stupid running this app on the subway for all to see. It is not good for Apple. Their public relations guys hopefully had a say in this. I support Apple on this. All you complaining freedom-loving guys out there, grow up!
Yes, I'm afraid so. Me too. Print is dying super fast, I am afraid. I was wondering if Adobe would try to help out designers. I've been trying to learn hand coding of web sites. I t is so slow. (Actually, what I would like is a pro version of iWeb from Apple.
Even $10 for an e-book is high, I think. There is no printing cost, little distribution cost, less-costly promotion because Amazon and Apple will do a lot of the promoting; plus, social media makes promoting much less expensive these days. I think the only way to justify higher prices would be to include extra material, like videos or other things that may be expensive to produce.
I think "served" is past tense of "serve"; so, "formerly" would not be necessary, IMHO.
That guy is the slowest counter in the world! Once the start button was finally released, boot time was 17 seconds. Add about 3 seconds that you need to hold the button and you have a 20 second boot time, not 10 or 11 as he proclaimed.
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