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I miss Lala. (10 cents to add the song to your playlist and listen to it all you want, or until bought by another company.)
That's disgusting.
Three things: 1) Apple's got the cash for any option suggested here. 2) Did you notice? A bumper which retails for $29 might cost just $1 to make. Something is very wrong when we are asked to pay such a large markup these days. (I know, if Apple had to supply every iPhone 4 user, they may need to buy the bumpers in much larger quantities that the current company is buying them in, so the cast may be less...still... 3) Looks like the Apple haters are back. I...
[QUOTE=gvisser;1661930]Those are Emoticons. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emoticons Emoji are the icons and pictures: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emoji But, that page you linked to says the emoji are both emoticons and pictures. Here a the quote from that page: "Emoji (絵文字?) is the Japanese term for the picture characters or emoticons used in Japanese wireless messages and webpages"
I dunno know...I sort of like the original Mobile Me layout. One click to get to the other areas, instead of two. Now, a new user could be excused to thinking that Mobile Me is only email, as that is all they see when they log in.
>>> The first was opened 20 minutes away from an Apple Store in Scottsdale Arizona Hummm... I don't think a 20 minute drive can be considered close. That's farther than from the beach to downtown L.A.
"Vertical integration." As often as I hear it, I still hate this term. It means virtually nothing to me. (I know what is supposed to mean, it is just so cold and vague.)
Yes, but Android has just begun. Looks like Apple in in for some competition.
To answer the author's questions: The font size cannot be enlarged because that would break the layout, unless it were enlarged along with the entire page. The iBookstore? Aren't those books limited to the ePub format? ePub seems best suited for novels and other works with lots of text and few pictures. Presentation is not the key in ePub. So, it seems that apps are the way to go if we want a lot of interactivity.
Ah! But you may be wrong, my friend! InDesign CS 5 has many interactive features built in. We can add mini slide shows by stacking photos on top of one another and then creating right and left buttons to show one at a time. We can add movies. Yes! We can!
New Posts  All Forums: