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Very nice ad.
Climate change is too important an issue to take chances. We must act to protect the planet, for our children's sake, whether you believe the scientists, or not, we cannot take the chance of inaction. Praise to Apple. Boo to the chamber, whose only interest in making money for corporations, no matter the cost to our planet.
It looks like Apple should allow Google Voice on the iPhone.
That's not trademark infringement. Apple does not own the trademark to all images of the apple fruit. That's ridiculous. Furthermore, Woolworths in Australia is apparently a supermarket, another market altogether. Apple should drop the suit before they make the general public angry at they for being such bullies.
Seems as if Apple should allow other devices to sync to iTunes. iTunes is what Mac users use to store our music. If we don't choose an iPod or iPhone as our portable and the player's vendor chooses to write software to sync to iTunes, seems that Apple should let them. I'm an Apple fan; but, it seems like Apple is not playing nice, here. Not good for Mac users.
The article says that IE6 is used on the majority of Windows computers. Is that correct? I ask because the web statistics show that IE6 is down to a 15% share...
One more thought... While Roger Ebert may be able to use an iPhone, I'll bet many people with speaking disorders also have other problems that would prevent them from using a tiny keyboard. I'm guessing that that $8,000 "device" has software that allow quicker access to common words and even sentences, so that those people can "speak" as well as hear. They may even come with something that allows for input with a stylus. I remember Stephen (sp?) Hawking had some sort...
Seems like revising Medicare rules would be a step in the right direction. I have to counter "crees!" 's Republican response. Medicare is a wonderful program. My grandmother was so happy to get in in the 1960s, saying she did not want to be a financial burden to her family. For those against Medicare, think of how your parents would get along if they did not have it. If they would be okay, think of how others who are less fortunate would fare. Now, it seems to me...
After "upgrading" to Snow Leopard, the Epson color profiles disappeared from the Adobe InDesign and Illustrator CS3 dialog boxes. They do show up in Photoshop CS3 and in Apple's Mail.app and Safari print dialog boxes. We also go the spinning color wheel for over a half hour (had to force quit the machine) just when logging into a user account for the first time. Worked the second time after repairing permissions.
You know, someone is probably going to bring up the lack of Wi-Fi on the iPhone and attribute that to Chinese censorship. But, I think there must be another reason that Wi-Fi is excluded. Perhaps it is cost, perhaps something else. I say this because Apple sells the iPod Touch in China. That's Wi-Fi equipped, right? And, computers connect to the internet in China; I know, it is slightly limited internet, but that would be the same type of internet service the iPhone...
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