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Ah! But you may be wrong, my friend! InDesign CS 5 has many interactive features built in. We can add mini slide shows by stacking photos on top of one another and then creating right and left buttons to show one at a time. We can add movies. Yes! We can!
This could be a print designer's salvation. We have been dying here for the past 10 years. Now, there is at least hope!
How do we know if the Flash version would not have been large, too. I think what takes up so much space are all of the photos and movies included. With these interactive magazines, instead of just one photo, there can be 15 in the same space, stacked one on top of the other, or displayed as a photo album. This is what makes these magazines different from the print version.
Great idea! If, as some people suppose, the US products would cost a whole lot more, then Apple could offer Made in the USA branded versions for those of us who care and could still afford them.
Well, if so, that is a start for Apple. Apple rakes in billions of dollars in profits; profits gained by either overcharging for its products, or, more apparently, underpaying its employees. Remember, it is how we treat the least amongst that really counts.
Are you sure about this? I read that FoxConn has 425,000 employees there. That makes it a little smaller than a city the size of San Jose or even San Francisco; but,I don't think those cities have suicide over 10 suicides a year, do they?
Looks like Android is off to a great start.
No, it doesn't all suck, IMHO. Government does a lot of good. A lot. I'll bet this will be a very quick investigation.
This does not bode well for Apple.
Adobe refuses to use Apple technology in their apps. They insist that both the Mac and PC versions of their app be exactly the same. There is an exception in that Preferences is under the Application menu on the Mac. Their thinking is that a designer should be able to go to either a Mac or a PC and feel perfectly comfortable using their apps. So, that means that Control-Command-D does not bring up a pop-up dictionary as it does in other Mac program, Quick Look does not...
New Posts  All Forums: