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Yes, but the lenses in these camera phones are so small that they really only look good playing back on a...camera phone.
With a totally different set of numbers from w3schools. Are either correct? http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp
Well, I hope that isn't next year's iPhone. The more square sides will make it more difficult to get into pockets and makes it look thicker.
Again, too expensive. I passed on CS4, so now they are penalizing me by asking me to pay $800! for CS5 Premium. I think CS4 was about $600. I don't want Flash. I would still like Dreamweaver, although it seems a lot of Web people are not using it anymore...
Yeah, you should see all the stuff my 5th grader is planning to buy... What are you "planning to buy"
I dunno, seems like pinch to enlarge (I know, that developer also added "expand" to the list, ought to be as intuitive as Command-C to copy. Apple should be happy just having pinch to enlarge on their platform and not others. Otherwise, how will anyone know how to use it? Pinch to enlarge only in Apple apps, but not others. Yuck!
I dunno... If iWork.com is just a sharing service, I don't think I would be buying it. It has to at least offer collaboration services, I think. Maybe they'll roll it into Mobile Me.
You know, I feel that companies that make enough money to pay people these huge salaries and bonuses are ripping their customers off my over charging. Sorry. That's how I feel. After a fair amount of compensation, an employee should stick with his job because he loves it, not because he feels he is getting rich.
Grammar question here... I know this is AT&T's language, but: >>>now available in select counties in Georgia, South Carolina, San Diego and Las Vegas. I didn't know the cities of San Diego and Las Vegas were in more than one county each.
Well, let's see. I use my bank's online bill pay system. I suspect most others do, too. Trouble is, I then enter all of my transactions by hand in to Quicken because I do not like the download feature. So, no loss of bill pay, for me. Direct integration with TurboTax? Well, I suspect that it will let us Export a tax file as it does now. Then, we could import that into TurboTax. Could anyone say if this is correct? What about stocks, though? The article says that...
New Posts  All Forums: