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Of course, I have no insight into this matter; but, I would suppose the dispute is about artistic integrity and not about money. They have enough money. But, they may think of some of their songs as belonging to a greater whole, like the white album. How many people would get Her Majesty or Revolution No. 9 on their own, or even appreciate those songs out of context. Now for EMI, it might be about money. But, I don't think it is for the others.
It's a funny position, because they were so revolutionary in their time. Seems like they are missing out.
My son was given a CD to complement his 4th grade textbook two years ago. What a disappointment to find that the CD was just a PDF version of the book. No interactivity...I don't remember if it was searchable, or not. Other than that, no added content.
I would be curious to know which is more environmentally friendly...
Gee, original name.
I can't check right now, but correct me if I am mistaken... Doesn't the iBookstore only sell ePubs? They do not sell PDFs, right? ePubs are for books with a lot of text, not a lot of pictures and page layout. I think hat is why magazines are going the app way. They want their pages to look great and they add extra content. Click on a photo and see a gallery of images. Click on another and if becomes a movie, right? At least that's how Sports Illustrated was showing in...
I see the Apple Mouse is also available, as well as the Magic Mouse and the trackpad...just wondering, does that mean the Magic Mouse is a bit overhyped? I would be curious to hear from people who have the Magic Mouse to see if they like it.
iBooks would be a great addition; but, let's say Apple wants us to be able to publish our own books, what app do they now make that is the most logical place to begin? Pages. Seems to me that they could add a few ePub templates to Pages and they would be there....maybe a conversion function that would convert a current Pages doc to an ePub doc...a little tricky because the ePub format doesn't support much formatting. Still, it seems that Pages would be the place to add...
Maybe this is for their internet-based apps. Free Mobile Me. That would actually be a way to show everyone what a Mac experience is like, potentially driving Mac sales. It might also be a hedge against Google Apps.
I miss Lala. (10 cents to add the song to your playlist and listen to it all you want, or until bought by another company.)
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