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Yes, I'm afraid so. Me too. Print is dying super fast, I am afraid. I was wondering if Adobe would try to help out designers. I've been trying to learn hand coding of web sites. I t is so slow. (Actually, what I would like is a pro version of iWeb from Apple.
Even $10 for an e-book is high, I think. There is no printing cost, little distribution cost, less-costly promotion because Amazon and Apple will do a lot of the promoting; plus, social media makes promoting much less expensive these days. I think the only way to justify higher prices would be to include extra material, like videos or other things that may be expensive to produce.
I think "served" is past tense of "serve"; so, "formerly" would not be necessary, IMHO.
That guy is the slowest counter in the world! Once the start button was finally released, boot time was 17 seconds. Add about 3 seconds that you need to hold the button and you have a 20 second boot time, not 10 or 11 as he proclaimed.
What an idiot. I mean, to spill the beans like that.
That really....I don't know the word for that comment.
Apple should try to make their products here. I know, they might cost more, but Apple is making a huge profit now on their products; they could return some of that to the workers, here in the form of higher wages. They shouldn't be hiring sweat shops.
Five billion dollars, huh? Well, if AT&T's executive bonuses are anything like Wall Street bonuses, seems like this could be easily solved with minimal financial hurt to AT&T.
Sweat shop!
I have wondered for a long time why Apple doesn't build in dictation into their operating system. I figured it still wasn't there, yet. The last time I used an IBM dictation system, about 10 years ago, I had about a 90% accuracy rate, so about every 10th word was incorrect. Needs to be better than that. I wonder if Google is offering an improvement. In any event, from what I understand, Apple's iPhone doesn't even allow you to find the contact you want to call with voice....
New Posts  All Forums: