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Apple should try to make their products here. I know, they might cost more, but Apple is making a huge profit now on their products; they could return some of that to the workers, here in the form of higher wages. They shouldn't be hiring sweat shops.
Five billion dollars, huh? Well, if AT&T's executive bonuses are anything like Wall Street bonuses, seems like this could be easily solved with minimal financial hurt to AT&T.
Sweat shop!
I have wondered for a long time why Apple doesn't build in dictation into their operating system. I figured it still wasn't there, yet. The last time I used an IBM dictation system, about 10 years ago, I had about a 90% accuracy rate, so about every 10th word was incorrect. Needs to be better than that. I wonder if Google is offering an improvement. In any event, from what I understand, Apple's iPhone doesn't even allow you to find the contact you want to call with voice....
One more thing... I see there are a lot of positive comments about T-Moblie, here. I looked at T-Mobile, too. They had two problems for me. No coverage in National Parks such as Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. Two, a lot of their phones have high SAR, radiation levels. (I know, AT&T has many, too.) Rather than look up Yosemite to see if T-Mobile covered the park, the rep kept asserting that they had wide coverage and kept asking me to look at their map. So, we got...
One reason iPod Touch sold so many this year, or iTouch as many people are calling it, is because Apple gave them away this past summer when a customer bought a new computer. Actually, Apple offered a rebate, they didn't "give" them away. That way Apple can tout them as sales. I think that is a little sneaky and skews data.
No, I think they were paying for every OS they installed in the machines. That's not stealing.
Sounds looney, sure. But, I went to his web site. The main image links to a page with links to supposed patents. Claims like a computer interface for a data base that lets you find music through such things as categories or artists names. Has anyone here looked at those?
Apple should just allow the Pre to sync with iTunes. This is just snotty of them. It is something I would expect of Microsoft, but not Apple.
In Los Angeles people and some in City Hall have been fighting the supergraphics billboard companies for years because they put these things up without getting permits first. It is like do first, ask for forgiveness later. As a result, many people hate these signs, stunning as they are. Apple should play completely by the rules. Take it down! If they get proper permits later, they can put it back up.
New Posts  All Forums: