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Sounds like a really smart move on BlackBerry's part.
Vaporware. I have been hearing about CarPlay for several years now; but, is it currently offered in any car models? I don't think so. I don't think the auto makers want it in their cars.
Encryption of The phone probably doesn't matter. The government can probably get all the information they need from the cloud services.
A few things: 1) i think we should expect the sales per square foot to be high at Apple stores simply because most of what they sell is so expensive; therefore, the rent per sales percentage will be low. 2) I doubt if stores are paying a percentage of sales for rent. I read this artIcal's main content elsewhere, and there were no sources named. Further, I think the wording is highly misleading, suggesting that rent is based on a percentage of sales, instead of just...
If the watch can unlock the car, why not just the phone? Why would I have to buy a watch, too?
>>> Procurement Center's (CGPC) struck products No apostrophe >>> Following allegations of Apple involvement Add an apostrophe to "Apple" (Apple's involvement) (I think the above is correct.)
>>>I am curious and this is not snark: can the iPhone 6/+ make calls and browse the web simultaneously on CDMA carriers?   No, I do not believe so. I can't do that on my Virgin Mobile phone. I think Verizon has the same problem.
>>>a bank and mobster are the same   You mean, they aren't?
I am really hesitant of putting all my photos on Apple's servers. I have had many instances of iCloud not syncing my Contacts and Calendars between my desktop and mobile devices. It is usually a nightmare getting things back in sync. Either items get duplicated, or Apple suggests I "restore from backup". Nope, no thanks.    And with Photos…I regularly edit my photos in iPhoto. iPhoto keeps a copy of the original image and my edited copy. Will the Cloud do this, too? That...
>>>having it totally free would need a huge investment in storage from apples side and I dont see it as a viable solution. Apple is already making a huge amount of money off all of us. It wouldn't hurt them to make it free. Either that, or pay their surrogate employees in China more or charge us less. Either way, they are taking way too much money out of our economy.
New Posts  All Forums: