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So much for Tim Cook's promise that at Apple, the customer is not the product. Apple is just like Google now, for better or worse.
Personally, I would like to buy individual shows, as opposed to individual channels.
Sounds like a really smart move on BlackBerry's part.
Vaporware. I have been hearing about CarPlay for several years now; but, is it currently offered in any car models? I don't think so. I don't think the auto makers want it in their cars.
Encryption of The phone probably doesn't matter. The government can probably get all the information they need from the cloud services.
A few things: 1) i think we should expect the sales per square foot to be high at Apple stores simply because most of what they sell is so expensive; therefore, the rent per sales percentage will be low. 2) I doubt if stores are paying a percentage of sales for rent. I read this artIcal's main content elsewhere, and there were no sources named. Further, I think the wording is highly misleading, suggesting that rent is based on a percentage of sales, instead of just...
If the watch can unlock the car, why not just the phone? Why would I have to buy a watch, too?
>>> Procurement Center's (CGPC) struck products No apostrophe >>> Following allegations of Apple involvement Add an apostrophe to "Apple" (Apple's involvement) (I think the above is correct.)
>>>I am curious and this is not snark: can the iPhone 6/+ make calls and browse the web simultaneously on CDMA carriers?   No, I do not believe so. I can't do that on my Virgin Mobile phone. I think Verizon has the same problem.
>>>a bank and mobster are the same   You mean, they aren't?
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