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Finally. It's about time these corporations, who are making soooo much money started paying their share. Wish our (U.S.) politicians had more spine.
IPhone 6 at $862 in China? Why does it cost so much more there, where it is made, than here?
A little disingenuous of Cook since almost all of this data is duplicated in iCloud, that is within the government's reach.
Guys. These are not copy-cat ads. Come on, grow up! There are trends in fashion, and there are trends in advertising. One must remain relevant and reflective of one's audience.
The trouble with iTunes Radio is that you cannot. "Like" and " not like" song or even skip them (can you ?) like with Pandora. That's the best way for the system to learn what you like and what you do not like. This simple omission shows that Eddie Cue is clueless as to what is most destlireable in a streaming service, I think, and what makes Pandora better.
My kids are in high school, but they don't take a computer to school. They use one at home, but they don't bring a notebook to school.
Yeah, but that's adults talking. I wonder f the kids really miss a physical keyboard.
The trouble with migrating to Lightroom is that only the original or the modified file will follow. Many, many of my photos have adjustments to them. Both iPhoto and Aperture save the original and the modified version of the photo. (Apparently Aperture saves the modified version as non-destructive instructions only.) If I understand this correctly, migrating will only bring over the original or the modified version. (Perhaps this does not pertain to RAW files.) So, this...
Hummm…************ has a link to the ad I can actually play on my iPhone. Why doesn't AI have that?
I just wish Apple could be done with Samsung. It just doesn't make sense to do business with a company that has so blatantly ripped one off.   "But they are different divisions" I hear some say. Well, isn't Apple afraid of being ripped off int he chip division, too? (Maybe some chip expert could enlighten us.)
New Posts  All Forums: