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I just wish Apple could be done with Samsung. It just doesn't make sense to do business with a company that has so blatantly ripped one off.   "But they are different divisions" I hear some say. Well, isn't Apple afraid of being ripped off int he chip division, too? (Maybe some chip expert could enlighten us.)
Whether Apple is wrong or wrong about this, what gets me is that big companies these days "settle" investigations and lawsuits brought by the government. What ever happened to the government slapping fines on companies to pay? You and I certainly do not get to "settle" with the government. We would have to say "thank you" and pay our fine.
Super lame, amateurish commercials. This is a first for me—the ad is so obscure the announcer has to ask, "what's going on?" Lame.
Apple's Map app is bereft of places. It seems they do pull most of their info from Yelp. But , I think there should be a simple and clear path to adding and fixing data directly within zither Map app.
Our societies are in deep, deep trouble. Maybe sooner than we think, most people will not be needed for work. What do we do then, with all the idle hands?
For the most part, yes, government is good. Government paves out streets, maintains our National Parks, mandates labels warning us of he dangers of smoking and seat belts and air bags in cars. Somethimes it gets things wrong, but also, Apple sort of started this by colluding with all the publishers. That's not legal. That's what anti-trust laws are about. Trouble here is that Apple wasn't the leader and the one to fear, here. Amazon was paying authors 30%. Apple reversed...
Apple's latest ear pubs really pushed the design envelope, I think. Just look at them. They are practically solid plastic with some small openings for the sound to come out of. Who ever imsgined ear buds like these before! I remember seeing them during the keynote presentation and wondering where the sound comes from. They really are "think different" ear buds.
>>>but until Page Layout mode returns to Pages Look under the File menu.
What about a fix for the waiting icon that happens whenever the Finder tries to access a folder? This one is really annoying!
>>>Why would it take Wifi into account? Because Wi-Fi allows for virtually unlimited data for a set price, while phone company data does not. So, if one uses Pandora on Wi-Fi at home, one probably does not care how much data the app might use. One is only concerned with data usage when one is on a limited phone company data plan, I think.
New Posts  All Forums: