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I am really hesitant of putting all my photos on Apple's servers. I have had many instances of iCloud not syncing my Contacts and Calendars between my desktop and mobile devices. It is usually a nightmare getting things back in sync. Either items get duplicated, or Apple suggests I "restore from backup". Nope, no thanks.    And with Photos…I regularly edit my photos in iPhoto. iPhoto keeps a copy of the original image and my edited copy. Will the Cloud do this, too? That...
>>>having it totally free would need a huge investment in storage from apples side and I dont see it as a viable solution. Apple is already making a huge amount of money off all of us. It wouldn't hurt them to make it free. Either that, or pay their surrogate employees in China more or charge us less. Either way, they are taking way too much money out of our economy.
What about Virgin Monile? And, what's this about "agreeing"? It should be a mandatory, not voluntary.
Is she crazy?! I would expect that from a Republican, but not from a progressive Democrat. Why should Apple pay less in taxes than I? Unbelievable! And, Apple should be ashamed of themselves.   As others have said, they may pay their "required" tax, but they sure don't pay their "fair share" of taxes. Shame on Apple, and shame on Senator Boxer.
I don't know…I have a 32 GB iPhone and I am constantly running up against the storage wall. The only photos I have on the phone are the ones taken with it. I constantly have to delete apps to make more room. I think he is right, 16 GB is pitiful today.Apple did this on purpose, to get people to spend another hundred dollars, which is another 20% BTW, to get a decent amount of storage. It is good people are calling Apple out on this.
I'm sorry. I don't care who they are, or what they do, no one deserves that much money. Angela Ahrendts, $75 million; Tim Cook, $372 million in stock options? This just takes money out of circulation for those that really do most of the work. Remember folks, there is only so much money to go around%u2026unless the government just prints it%u2026without anything to back it up with. More for them, less for us. All got through higher prices for all of us.
thYou know…I think he knows that. He was just making a joke. As he spelled "realise" with an "s" instead of a "z" he may very well be from England. But then, I guess you know that because you linked to an English map…
Yeah? How about Montana, Mississippi, Kansas, and Alaska, then? They look pretty dark green in that map. I call the headline a misreading of the data.
The Xbox is a pretty big deal. That ought to be enough reason to pay attention to this.
This could be really great, and really big! And, they are working with NASA, so there is some credibility there. Good going Microsoft!
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