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thYou know…I think he knows that. He was just making a joke. As he spelled "realise" with an "s" instead of a "z" he may very well be from England. But then, I guess you know that because you linked to an English map…
Yeah? How about Montana, Mississippi, Kansas, and Alaska, then? They look pretty dark green in that map. I call the headline a misreading of the data.
The Xbox is a pretty big deal. That ought to be enough reason to pay attention to this.
This could be really great, and really big! And, they are working with NASA, so there is some credibility there. Good going Microsoft!
I think Apple may have not included iBooks before for anti-trust purposes. You will remember that Apple complained that Microsoft included Internet Explorer but refused to include other browsers as a default install.
>>>iBooks suffers the same price disadvantage relative to Amazon   ​I like Apple's iBooks for altruistic purposes. Before Apple got into the game, Amazon was taking 70% and giving authors 30% of the sale. Apple turned that on it's head. Even today, they impose their 30% or 35% author payout on many occasions, such as sales to certain foreign countries, or if your book is priced at a certain amount. So, I think Apple is more fair to authors.
Really? Did you drive one? I did, and I liked it! You must be really picky!
Kind of says something about Apple that Google made such an app first. I don't know what it says; but, it's a great idea and Apple should have had it years ago…
The trouble with iTunes Radio is that you cannot say if you like or don't like a song currently playing playing, like you can with Pandora. It's like Eddie Cue is tone deaf…don't they ever look at their competition?
Maybe another reason that North Korea may have problems a because there is very little trade for then because of all the sanctions
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