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For the most part, yes, government is good. Government paves out streets, maintains our National Parks, mandates labels warning us of he dangers of smoking and seat belts and air bags in cars. Somethimes it gets things wrong, but also, Apple sort of started this by colluding with all the publishers. That's not legal. That's what anti-trust laws are about. Trouble here is that Apple wasn't the leader and the one to fear, here. Amazon was paying authors 30%. Apple reversed...
Apple's latest ear pubs really pushed the design envelope, I think. Just look at them. They are practically solid plastic with some small openings for the sound to come out of. Who ever imsgined ear buds like these before! I remember seeing them during the keynote presentation and wondering where the sound comes from. They really are "think different" ear buds.
>>>but until Page Layout mode returns to Pages Look under the File menu.
What about a fix for the waiting icon that happens whenever the Finder tries to access a folder? This one is really annoying!
>>>Why would it take Wifi into account? Because Wi-Fi allows for virtually unlimited data for a set price, while phone company data does not. So, if one uses Pandora on Wi-Fi at home, one probably does not care how much data the app might use. One is only concerned with data usage when one is on a limited phone company data plan, I think.
I have been constantly surprised by how little cellular data I use each month, because most of my time is spent on Wi-Fi networks….apparently this site does not take Wi-Fi into account.
This requires a patent? Sounds like extensions of what is already there. I just with I could modify the suggested routes Maps gives by dragging part of the route.
You did not mention Microsoft's free Outlook.com. It's pretty nice. And, Apple's Pages for iOS has style sheets; but, the styles cannot be updated, making them rather useless.
Obama should not have vetoed the ITC ruling against Apple. It was pure favoritism.
They sold more because it was released in more countries, not because it is more popular, yet the stock is up. Wall Street people haven't a clue.
New Posts  All Forums: