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Obama should not have vetoed the ITC ruling against Apple. It was pure favoritism.
They sold more because it was released in more countries, not because it is more popular, yet the stock is up. Wall Street people haven't a clue.
II think only Virgin phones work on the Virgin network, and Virgin phones will not work on other networks.
What would the comments be like here if it were the Korean government overturning a ban on Samsung products? Oh, please! Don't mob me-- just give it a rest.
It seems to me that the broadcasters should thank Aereo and count the Aereo audience as additional viewers when choosing rates to charge their advertisers.
Adobe's Cloud is just a gimmicky name for pay-by-month software delivered via the Internet to your own computer. The apps do not reside in the cloud for use on any computer.
Then Apple needs to state this and also explicitly say what is covered with and without AppleCare. We should not be standing behind Apple on this one.
A few people are commenting on Virgin's $30 plan. Virgin runs on Sprint's cast off network. It is apparently inferior to, or at least incompatible with, the networks the iPhone 5 rund on. That it why Virgin does not offer the iPhone 5.
New Posts  All Forums: