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Apple isn't interested in collecting a measly $4 billion. They have $80 billion in the bank, now. They want others to stop copying them.
tax breaks? Corporate welfare. Should not be allowed.
I'm sorry. I don't care if this is Apple and if these guys are hot shots. Nobody deserves these oitrageous bonuses. These are a large part of what is wrong with our society today. This is a big part of what Occupy Wall Street is about. These guys don't need bonuses to stay. They are too comfortable in their current positions.
A little more saving and perhaps Apple can take the company private.
>>>Zune players meant to challenge Apple's iPad. The Zune is meant to challenge the iPod, not the iPad, isn't it?
The critic is a pompass a$$. The building is absolutely gorgeous. One question, though... Where is the parking? The renderings show a park surrounding the building. Is parking underground? Or, is the rendering not accurate in this regard?
Yeah, but, do look at those screen shots. The one main difference, and main advantage, as I see it, with Edge over Hype, is that Edge can open an existing web page and read all the tags. Then, you can apply animation to the individual elements on the page. With Hype, you're building pages from scratch, or building sections from scratch and then having to add them to a web page.
Action Script is the reason I, and many others, don't/can't use Flash.
But, the case it true to a much greater extent today. We have way too many people and far superior machines that do the work of many, many people.
Wow. And, this in "worker's paradise." We are all doomed. Humans are needed less and less. I wonder what the Chinese government is saying about this. For the sake of the Chinese workforce, I wonder if the people would be better off if the government were to take over Foxconn's operations in China, not that that is going to happen
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