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So, he was stopped while passing through security, is that right? Then, he was in the regular airline terminal, or at least in an airline terminal? He wouldn't get through out airline security, either.
So, this is going to be another case of Apple vs PC? With the closed Apple system vs the open PC system? We all know how that turned out...
They tried that when Steve was in the wilderness. Apple released many models to fill store shelves so there would be more display space to compete with the PCs. Steve nixed that when he came back.
>>> The Videotron official allegedly said that customers should "expect an announcement in the coming months Not anymore! Isn't Steve known to take retribution on companies that squeal?
When is Apple going to allow digital downloads instead of shipping on a DVD? Haven't they said the DVD is dead?
I'll rent one!
So, Apple Insider and a hundred other blogs will still have it's own live coverage, resulting an another 570 base stations? So, what will be different? BTW, since Apple is going live, why doesn't Apple Insider give Apple a break...offer an intelligent analysis after the event?
Yes, but look at 2008. When the entire stock market heads south, so does Apple.
You mean like they give away iPods? Here's my rant on Apple iPod give-aways. When they give you a "free" iPod with your computer, they make you buy the iPod and apply for a "rebate." That way they can say they "sold" x-number of iPods, including the ones they give away. They shouldn't to that. It makes them seem slimy.
Well, perhaps we will relive the classic Mac vs. PC fight of 20 years ago. We all know what happened then. Will history repeat itself? Different this time?
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