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So that's why some of my photos moved. Thought it was something I did. Already moved them back. Wish Apple would test more before deploying.
Zune? No. It's not brown.
Pages does have automatic numbering. Just click in the footer and choose Page Number from the Insert menu.
It may not be possible; but, it would be great for Apple if they could buy the company back and take it private. They need to be without the pressure to make money every quarter, as so often happens with public companies. They need to be able to continue to make insanely great products without monetary pressure. Remember, it was poor Macintosh sales and Steve job's push for more Macintosh advertising and research that lead traitor Sculley to fire the man who hired him.
Apple should bring home the cash and pay taxes on it. That would help all of us. They won't create new jobs with a tax holiday. They would only use it to pay multi-million dollar salaries to their execs.
Apple is not interested, and should not be interested in pleasing shareholders. They are interested in creating insanely great products. That is one of the main reasons they are doing so well, now.
Apple isn't interested in collecting a measly $4 billion. They have $80 billion in the bank, now. They want others to stop copying them.
tax breaks? Corporate welfare. Should not be allowed.
I'm sorry. I don't care if this is Apple and if these guys are hot shots. Nobody deserves these oitrageous bonuses. These are a large part of what is wrong with our society today. This is a big part of what Occupy Wall Street is about. These guys don't need bonuses to stay. They are too comfortable in their current positions.
A little more saving and perhaps Apple can take the company private.
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