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Thanks for all your responses. The school is a small college. Minnesota State College Southeast Technical (college). It's a votech college and honestly, probaly wouldn't be a lot of kids bringing their owns machines to campus. You can lease a laptop for 500$/semester, which is absurd. I think I am going to have to start a petition about it. I know of enough people that are quite angry about this situation. Unfortunately, this college has one of (if not the) best band...
the college i attend does not let anyone use the network (wireless or wired) unless they are using an institution owned piece of hardware. It is a public college. Their excuse of course, is security. Their hardware of course runs windows. Basically, i'm looking for suggestions as to what i can do about this. It makes me feel like i've taken my own book into the library and they won't let me read it. Any takers?
yeah. it's really just like everything else. one gets the mileage of diesel, one has he reliability of gasoline. Really, we should boycott the whole thing cause they couldn't just get together and make one format happen. I'll be the first to admit that HD content is amazing, it is just not worth it for either hd or br.
yeah, blockbuster is really good about building stores right next to mom and pop video stores and driving them out of business, because the homegrown store can't keep up with the price cuts then, those stores close...i wouldn't be surprised if there were that many of them this year. That's just how they work. Even if it was a sign of them losing out for choosing the wrong HD format, couldn't we just assume those were the stores left with HDDVD supplies? I mean, am i...
Internet connectivity, are you serious? What good is it, let's be real. Any "bonus" anything that's kept on a server isn't going to be there forever and, we're not going to be checking our email. We don't need a nic on a player if the disc has enough space for the extras.Seriously Tell me why we need a nic, and it better be good.
i wouldnt say i missed it. regardless, price ironically isnt going to be the selling point for many people. its just not prudent to spend any amount of money on something that may be utterly useless in a year.
the link given for 199, clearly has a 299 price. there are lots of people that arent buying because we dont want to have an extra piece of equip. laying around if we made the wrong choice. its as simple as that. there are lots of us.
off topic.
there are lots of things i hate, but you have to get over them or else they will ruine your life. you can't let that stuff control you. And Yes, society has been pussified.
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