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I appreciate the info. Could you please post instructions on how to do this?
I've been using OS X Lion for a few days and I don't like the new interface for Quick Look. I much preferred the black look. Any way to change it from white to black? Thanks
Hi, I've got a Quad Core Mac Pro running Leopard 10.5.8. when I click "Get Info" on any file that I search for on my Computer, "Fetching" appears under "more info and hangs. I then won't be able to close the Get Info window. The only way to close the get info window is to click on any open window and then the info for that files appears. This only occurs with searched files in finder. Please help
Thanks, yeah I just realized that.
When I go to Software update I don't see any update. Anyone else have this issue? Has the update been released yet?
I'm confused, if I buy the $29 Snow Leopard and install it, will I lose all my i Life 09 applications? I use IPhoto09, Imovie 09, Garageband 09 all the time so those applications are important to me. Thanks
hey guys, I'm updating an idea that I have for the next operating system. Quicklook folder Previews: Navigating a large folder library is not fun because there's no way to see what's in it unless you click and open that folder. Using quicklook on a folder simply enlarges that folder, but what's the point of seeing a larger folder? wouldnt it be cool if when you hit quicklook on a folder you get to see the contents of that folder? It would be great if you could then...
I think a lot of people were hoping that they would see the rumored marble interface in Snow Leopard, I was hoping to see it as well.Some people were hoping that there would be some new feature's (including myself), not just some newer icon's or an improved expose. One idea that I came up with has to do with the folder's, as it is now, there's no way to see what's in the folder's without opening it. navigating a larger folder library is tedious because you don't know...
relax dude! it was just a spelling mistake, I don't see how it made my post difficult to read. I edited it out if it makes you feel better.
I want Resolution Independence as well! Resolution independence would be my number one request for OS 10.7. I would also love to see folders that display what's inside of them Or some quick view option that shows you what's in the folders. In Leopard every folder looks exactly the same. it's fine if you have just a couple of folders but if you have an extensive collection it's tedious looking for that specific file because there's no way to tell you what's in the folder...
New Posts  All Forums: