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I think there is as much risk of this happening as people using the name iPod when they really meant Zune.
I for one am taking apple to court!! Just yesterday I got in my car with very short shorts mind you. I then put the iPad between my legs. And while driving around I received very serious burns on my inner thighs!!!
They do. It's specifically designed to be difficult to open.
It is mentioned. Not the room itself I believe but Apples obsession over packaging is.
As a former owner of a 74 MG Midget this brought a smile to my face. But with respect to Ive, he is a designer, not an engineer. That was one of the "collaboration" issues that kept popping up in the book.
Looking for a toaster?
Great thanks. Fascinating to watch. The unedited version also tells a lot about the man, the self editing aspect.I also loved the part where he talks about the concept of email and its benefits in a work environment- such a huge normal part of our lives today. Hard to imagine life without it now.
Looks less "iconic" IMO. Maybe I would think differently if I was standing next to it. Side note: the term "iconic" is way over used these days. But since it has been used constantly for the original design I use the term for comparison purposes.
The NCA would indeed drive all of this (nothing mentioned in AI article). Why would Timmons think he could just leave and work for Apple? Why would Ballmer have to call Apple? With the NCA, I would think in-house MS counsel would send a legal notice to Apple counsel and be done with it.
Without a non-compete agreement, is this not restraint-of-trade?
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