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I think Errol Morris (Fog of War, The Thin Blue Line) would be much more captivating.
The ridges on the inside cover leave streaks down the screen. I have to constantly clean the glass just to get rid of the vertical smudges (not sure what that micro fiber is supposed to be doing). Otherwise I like the cover, especially the auto on/off.
Assuming 100mm was the offer. And assuming 4 Bln is realistic.
Well a more precise number would be expected cash flow.
I stand corrected! Amazing though, these guys are normally looking for an exit strategy exactly like the Apple offer.
Believe me, if there was vc money in the venture they would have sold.
And I miss the dark room
It's still a bit early in the AM for me! Thanks all.
The main point of the article is ipad's percentage of the tablet market (the 89%), but the table seems to show the various operating systems contribution. I just do not see where they get 89% from the data shown. (although this does sound like a conservative estimate as far as the ipads percentage of the tablet market).
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