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Believe me they are. Professionals have been speculating about this program on many trade site for weeks now. Most of the opinions are based on specs.
Chuckles. That's sooo cute!
New clip at the Apple store "only" $29!!!
Apple applied and received a patent for App Store. As I understand, it it is not only their right to defend the ownership of the term but their obligation. If they wish to maintain exclusivity. Although the term app has been around for quite sometime, no one that I am aware of used (or cared about) the term App Store until apple's wildly successful launch. Although I think they have a good case courts can be unpredictable.
Or they do and it's just another money grab
With contracts and termination fees there is market friction, especially for short time horizons. So results need to be discounted to a certain degree. I for one plan to switch to Verizon but still have three more months to go on the contract. Then I might as well wait for version 5 ( or "s" ).
I liked the original more. Btw it's a good shot, composition wise.
I am no expert with tech companies but a 24.8 percent net profit margin looks pretty amazing. That's usually the EBITDA margin! Lol
Agree with the comments above about vision/hardware/Software. I would add a brilliant marketing campaign over the years. Not only are Apple products practical, but cool too. In our society today, for better or worse, this sells big time. (edit Subject - "One More thing")
The term fan can actually be used in a non-sports context (i.e. I am not a fan of meatballs), Here I only meant people who indicated they were readers of the paper. But perhaps fan was the wrong term.My main point still stands though. (btw I am also a Giant fan, so it seems we have one thing in common!!)
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