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Most of the comments are negative based on the proposed business model. Even NYT fans above seem to indicate this.
Source for these numbers please? I know as a corporate entity (which includes all of the NYT's media assets), they had operating costs of $2.3 bln ( FYE 2009)
NYTimes.com + smartphone app: $15/mo. NYTimes.com + tablet app: $20/mo. All Digital Access (i.e., NYTimes.com + smartphone + tablet): $35/mo. The incremental increase of All Digital Access seems nutty to me. They must not understand the "supersize me" concept.\
Sorry, I don't see anything in the article that would suggest this. Its about Apple's supply chain; There is nothing about shareholder views, much less comments that would imply that shareholders value money over life.
If you care about life and the quality of life, which is sounds like you do, then you ought to care about the capital markets. Capital provides funds for economic growth, which in turn provides jobs and food on the table for many. Its fine to be idealistic, but we don't live in that kind of world. You can't be pro jobs (and I also assume you are, unless you advocate unemployment) and anti business at the same time. But that's just my opinion. I don't claim to have a...
Ever notice when one says "it's the truth!!", 99% of the time it's not.\ btw, I have a new found respect for iJustin!!
Exactly. And you could see it being set up that way. If I saw a long line in front of me I would assume there was a chance I would not get the model that I wanted (if anything at all). And if I want to avoid that, I would just drop by the Apple store in a couple of weeks for the usual pleasant buying experience. But it never fails to amaze me how good the Company is from a marketing standpoint (coupled with great interactive products). They have hit on a great formula...
Well my local Apple Store had major regional flooding (not the store itself). The mall shut down at 4 EST Friday afternoon. I checked today and it was still closed \. However, when it opens (hopefully in the next couple of days) I am assuming there was be a nice untouched inventory just sitting there and hopefully not a lot of launch day type crowds looking to buy one. We'll see.
Agreed \
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