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Believe me, they all spread misinformation, either wittingly or unwittingly. The thing is, most of us only watch those sources that tend to validate our preconceived views. The real trick is to go to other sites for alternative viewpoints.Agree on the internet and foreign news sources.
FOX NewsWSJ (editorial div.)Vs.NBCCBSABCPBSCNNCNBCMSNBC (sorry to throw this in)NPRNew York TimesWashington Postplus hundreds of other outlets.A reasonable person could just easily say, the other networks are so liberal it makes FOX look conservative. At the end of the day I know a slant when I see one -from both sides!. Lets just say its nice to have competing views in this wonderful country we live in.
Well you have a point with libraries (and the armed forces) . The rest I am not so sure about.
.Yep - let's just say sub-prime, whoever they may have been.
I agree about derailing the thread. Let me just say there are plenty of snarly types on both sides of the divide.
Yes Fannie Mae and Feddie Mac buying mortgages with implicit government backing is pretty irrational. \
'whole right wing resentment machine' = Another straw man
Then how about too much liquidity, which was fed policy.
That communist regime is saving our bacon by buying US debt. If they were not you would be looking at interest rates going through the roof. That's our global reality. \
Why do I feel this is a "jump the shark" moment?
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