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My god, what DO they do????
QUOTE=TBell;1435439]AT&T gave federal agencies a back door to it's phone network. That is illegal because it did it without the oversight of the court system as the Fourth Amendment requires. The Republicans went in after the fact and changed the laws around so AT&T could escape liability. So in summary you have no idea what you are talking about. If I am wrong please cite some case law.[/QUOTE] The President has inherent Article II Constitutional powers that neither the...
Yep, and if you monkey with this relationship, the risk return calculation goes right out the window. And what do you get? Loans turned down to more marginal applicants or higher rates for those accepted. (both corporate and retail)
well, I would add freedom and fairness are two very different things. (Bartender! Another round please!)
True, perhaps better discussed over a couple of beers in some casual pub (Then a friendly game of pool afterword).
huh? What the hell are you talking about? (and don't say activities under the Patriot Act, that have been upheld by the Federal Courts, including the Supreme Court for years). One can debate the need for such wiretaps, but claiming they are illegal is dubious at best.
Mifi could be answer; its a little bigger than a credit card and gives you wifi access almost everywhere. I just got it this week - use it with my mbp.
What was the issue?
Good point about controlling the sales aspect. In addition to the superior hardware/software, there is strong brand equity. I think these locations cheapen the image.
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