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Would love to know what happened to iCloud Photo Library..... http://www.apple.com/ios/whats-new/photos/ No mention of it anywhere. Missing from the GM/public release for anyone that did not have it active as part of their Apple ID already.
I really, truly hope so. If not, I'm going to have to start looking at iMacs.
From your post history it's clear you're just looking for something to nitpick.
I'll take the bait. This has never been useful or worked as well as you lead on. They were difficult to stand up this way, impossible with most cases, and it did not make for a good viewing angle even when you got it to stand.I'll trade all of that noise for a phone that's comfortable to hold.
I'm a little unclear on what this implies.... All I care about is can I use Touch ID to skip having to enter the damn thing.
I liked the way Cook laid out the Beats acquisition....aside from his gnawing at the idea that their choice of what song to play for you is so great (give me a break)....everything else was so valid. They have some great music industry minds (Lovine and Dre), a decent music streaming service ( that they can work together on to make better), a fast growing profitable headphone business (that they can likewise work together on to make better)...and within 12 months they'll...
Timid? No. I'm just not an asshole.
It has more of a "point" than I could have imagined honestly. What you are doing is attempting to bait people into the iPad vs. iPhone argument, which (how ironic) is pointless.
I don't think that is the point....or even a point. Start down that road, and you can start arguing why you use an iPhone vs. iPad vs. Mac. The point, each device is capable in its own way. The AppleWatch, instead of being crippled, is extremely functional. You don't need to sell anyone on the idea that turning a crown to zoom in and out on a Map on a 1.5" screen is not better or even as good as on an iPhone with two fingers.....it was never meant to be. The watch is meant...
I will happily shorten all of my sleeves.
New Posts  All Forums: