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Do you even know what you're talking about? The only difference between them is their brand name and implementation. On the iPhone it was possible to implement it in ways that don't translate to the watch or the mac, so it goes beyond those implementations. So much so that it was worthy of cool new bullet point marketing name.
Surely you don't believe that is the only reason to use a mouse. Non-tech folk? The **** is wrong with you? A mouse is essential for certain kinds of work and superior to the trackpad in all areas of speed and precision. I have the trackpad on my desk too, but it hardly gets used as it just slows you down. The gestures are great, but they don't make up for the lack of speed and precision.
Apple, why the **** can't I have a backlit keyboard for my $3,000 iMac? 
I like the fact that Apple is mature enough to recognize that despite Samsung being a total shit and crooked thievery outfit...Apple still makes ALL the money, and has no qualms about buying their chips from them and letting them profit off iPhone in a small way.
Michael Bay is already drawing explosions for his next suck fest.
Can we please get the keyboard mouse and trackpad updates we're all waiting for! Please!
Really? Maybe I can clear it up for you... Nothing. Was that not abundantly obvious when Apple followed the pattern of the last 3 straight years of making 1 iPad model the golden child for the holiday season (iPad Pro), and quietly updated the iPad mini to match the iPad Air 2 specs, then showed a chart of their iPad lineup for holiday season? If you have any business sense, Apple sense, or common sense at all...please apply it to your own question. Would Apple really do...
I don't understand their products. Surface Book Laptop? And its not the same thing as the Surface 4? What? Make a laptop. Make a tablet. For crying out loud make ANYTHING that is good at being ONE THING, Microsoft.
Why is the giant red header twice the size of a typical iOS App header? Are you kidding me?   Oh and no PiP or Slideover support for iPad...FAIL.   No 3D Touch support....FAIL.   I updated just to get that hideous old icon off my home screen.
Did they show off more mind-blowing photo enhancement features that don't actually ship with any of their software? Adobe is really good at that.
New Posts  All Forums: