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Mistake or not, this a device you'll see on sale this year. This year's iPhone refresh will see the iPhone 5c be crafted with internals from the old 5s (including Touch ID). The 5s will get an internal bump as well, bringing it equal to last years iPhone 6. The entire iPhone 6 line will be discontinued in favored of new version of the 6 and 6 Plus..whether they are called "S" or "7", I don't care.
What I find LAUGHABLE are people not up to date enough to know that Intels GPUs in Macs are nearly indistinguishable from the discrete options available in the same Macs. The performance increases have now shrunk to somewhere between marginal and nil.Sorry you're still stuck in 2011, but it's just not the case anymore. The high level Intel GPU are on par with AMD/NVIDIA mid range. Since Apple only chooses mid range discreet cards, it about equals out.And in terms of OS X...
Drop the price by $500 and come down to some semblance of reality while you're at it.
The A9 is more exciting than any of it. Every year Apple manages earth shattering performance leaps over the previous generation processor. Each new proc is faster and more energy efficient. The A8 was one of the biggest leaps yet...not only did it maintain Apple's YOY performance increase precedent, but it did so while powering higher resolution 4.7" and 5.5" displays. Apple has now had another entire year to engineer a whole new class of proc designed to power the same...
Sure it does. Apple would much rather sell you an iMac than a Mac mini, and it comes down to dollars, and customer satisfaction. They will always profit greater by selling iMacs, and they have more control over the customer sat experience when they ensure that you are using one of their displays and their peripherals. You probably don't even consider the importance of customer sat, but it is extremely important. If someone has a crappy display, skyscraper keys on a wired...
Having actually USED the WATCH, I can say its incredibly simple...far more simple than someone who has never seen it before could realize. I thought it was more complex than it is. Its not. Its ridiculously simple. The best part is, being an iPhone accessory, it just comes to life, and doesn't require endless amounts of setup and config (like, buying a new iOS device, for instance).
I like the simplicity of every Photo I favorite ends up on the Watch. I'm not going to sit there and look at Photos on my watch (and Apple knows this)...but eventually there will be ways to create Watch screen savers or backgrounds, and reference them in Mail and Messages.
Just have to point out that this is at least the 3rd year in a row of rumors of a "New Remote" coming with AppleTV.   iOS devices still remain the best option.   1) Everyone has their own 2) You don't lose it in the sofa like dedicated remotes. 3) It can be a trackpad, a keyboard, a scrolling list app....all at once.   The only thing missing from the iOS device experience is:   a) Control of the TV itself b) Tactile feedback   Hopefully those holes can be...
Really? I mean, really? Armchair engineers are my FAVY FAV
So wait...it is not a Lightning port?
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