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A smart person wouldn't bet against Apple selling every Watch they can make in 2015.
Oh, its debatable. My iPhone does not need more RAM. Neither does yours. Who is the one lacking imagination? More RAM is far from pure imagination.
Funny. This is the first year where I really couldn't be less interested in what the iPhone refresh is going to be. I can't imagine wanting more from an iPhone than what my 6 Plus is/has/offers/does.
Has anyone else experienced or heard of anyone experiencing kernel panic issues with 10.10.3?   The first beta killed my Mac mini and forced it into a constant kernel panic loop that was unrecoverable. Had to be wiped.   This second beta, my iMac was fine until I started installing an app yesterday and the entire Mac suddenly went black, kernel panic, endless loop, unrecoverable. Had to restore from Time Machine.   Just find it curious that it would happen to both of...
Doubtful. Anyone dumb enough to buy one before is still dumb enough to buy again.
 Don't hold your breath.  I wasn't.
The success story that is Apple Pay so far is nothing short of astounding...even with Apple's Midas touch. To pretend otherwise makes you look rather....silly.
 This question is not still open. Android is a broad term that applies to today's equivalent of cheap, dumb-phones. People that use them have never made a "mobile purchase" in their lives.
Good grief.
Thankfully somebody gets it. Inevitably, in the tech blogosphere, people will believe anything and everything is "coming eventually."
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