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It took this long to finally be able to send full resolution images through iMessage and you and to go backward on that? No, I don't think so. Get bandwidth. 
You must be joking, otherwise you're being intentionally ignorant.I can't even begin to imagine what you mean by "attractive" but I have to assume its a misplaced use of the word instead of just saying "Free" like you really mean. The only people who criticize Apple's cloud software solutions are the people too cheap to pay for it. iCloud Photo Library works perfectly, and makes more sense than anything Apple has ever done before. It beats the hell out of the competition...
 There is no beta 6 because it was not needed. It is well known that there was no beta 6 planned for iOS 7 or 8, but both unfortunately required it for some critical patches. By my logic, by Apple's logic, by developers' logic....just about anyone except for a troll with an agenda...its easy to understand what's going on.
No. Thankfully Apple smartened up and canned that project, and realized there is nothing they can't accomplish with and HDMI connected box. No need to own the display. For 1080p, it can't get any better than the TV I have right now. Its beautiful. I zero incentive to buy an Apple HDTV for thousands of unecessary dollars....when I can get the best Apple can think of for the living room with a $149 box.
$149 once better than renting a box from Comcast for $10 or $15 a month indefinitely. How you don't grasp that is pathetic.
This looks really good.
iOS 9 is good enough for beta testers. The GM has had weeks to take its shape, and there is no reason to seed that to anyone until its time. The fact that there was NO beta 6 should tell you that it is doing better in development than iOS 7 or 8 did.
You continue to have no idea what you're talking about. Last year began the first big wave of customers using programs like NEXT and EDGE instead of subsidies to purchase their iPhones. All of those people will be able to upgrade this year via trade in with their program....without having to pay through the nose to make it happen. Unlike previous years where upgrading every 12 months would cost you A LOT more than most were willing to pay. No, you will now begin to see...
Its not. There is clearly a lot missing from this year's projections. You're not going to see Force Touch printed anywhere as a marquee feature.
There is something missing for sure. Force Touch is not a selling point. No one will care about that. Neither is "improved" Touch ID. What, did it not work before? Sure it did. Improved cameras is great, but is also a given with every iPhone update. Just like the lead into WWDC last year, where HEALTH AND FITNESS was smeared all over every article leading up to it, but barely even took 3 minutes of the keynote. There is something much more to these new iPhones that we...
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