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Its kinda funny the campaign some people have against iCloud Drive and pretend like its confusing in some way, but yet Dropbox is better because its somehow simpler.....   With Dropbox....   1. I have to Download, Install, Setup and Sign In to a desktop app on every PC or Mac I own. All with a different account name and password than what I use for iCloud.    2. I have a pretty much worthless standalone iOS App. Saving files to it is difficult, unorganized, and...
 CarPlay in a nutshell, basically. There is no reason why most 2013, 2014, and 2015 vehicles on the road could not receive a firmware update that the user could do themselves by placing it on thumb drive, and distribute CarPlay to the masses. But its virtually NO WHERE. Auto manufacturers have no concept of value or customer satisfaction. This should be something that they raced to be the first one to say "UPDATE your Car so that all of you iPhone owners can instantly have...
TOO descriptive, after they coined the term, coined the market, coined the very idea of a mobile APP STORE. Right. How stupid and arrogant can people get. Apple made it so widely accepted that when they try to trademark it they are told no this is SO popular now that we stupidly think this a common term.
This is not even remotely true. I am personally aware of people who will not go above a 4" iPhone....they've seen the new ones, agree they are a pretty, but will not get one because even the 6 is just slightly too big for their comfort. They would get used it to of course, and down the line they may have no choice (how sad is that?) if they want to upgrade....but I think it would be a mistake to not repackage the the 5s next year with 6 internals.
Do not install this beta on the Retina iMac. They screwed up.   Retina resolution is completely OFF in the beta and a restart booted to black screen.   I Time Machine'd my way back to 10.10.1 right quick.
Not even remotely true. Where do you get the nerve to comment when you're not even using it? I'm sure you're gonna tell me you "tried it".
I wouldn't trade quality for more megapixels.   BUT, if we can get the same overall quality that the 6 Plus delivers, plus more megapixels, in the next iPhone camera....I will be happy.   Looking at the photos I've been taking (which are stunning..can't believe how good the 6 Plus is) on my Retina iMac....i could use a few more megapixels.
The only way for the government to not have a negative impact on the internet is to not touch it in any way at all ever.
I love the people that don't own one who insist on criticizing it.   This is the best single display panel in the world.   Get over it. You're jealous. We understand.   I've been jealous of the Retina MBP's for over 2 years now.
You have no idea what you're talking about. I actually bought one, unlike you who stood next to one in a store for 30 seconds. The display is unlike anything else in the world. Get better glasses if you can't see that abundantly clearly. The "lag" you refer to is a documented BUG in Mission Control that affects only this machine and will be fixed soon.
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