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And for those that just don't underatand, there will never be a "mid range" tower in between the mini and the Mac pro. Price wise, it would undercut the iMac and Apple would much much much rather sell you one of those.
Haswell, not Broadwell. The current mini still has Ivy Bridge and HD4000! Need more than that.
Don't get my hopes up. I am anxiously awaiting a Haswell quad core mini with Iris Pro graphics.
802.11ac.   If only the hardware itself was fast enough to truly take advantage of N.   Sure, you run a speediest and get OK speeds on the latest iOS devices. But not what a Mac gets, nor does an app like Safari load web pages anywhere near as fast as a Mac.   Maybe its unrealistic to expect it to be as snappy as a Mac. I still think it should be.
Yes and no. It still isn't perfect. There will be plenty of times that unread mail notifications will disappear when read on another device, but the app badge still remain until Mail is opened and closed.
What? How does Apple make money from industry building in ways to use Apple technology as part of their own infrastructure? Geez, let me think.
NFC is not happening. It it is old, unsecure, immature, pathetic technology. BLE is lightyears ahead, actually active in development, and already being built in to iOS devices.
  Because thats how you determine what you're NOT going to do, just as much as what you WILL do. Drive sales? Average consumers do not have the vaguest conception of mobile payments, let alone NFC technology. NFC has zero ability to drive any sales of anything. "Mobile Payments" may be able to drive some sales, but powered by Bluetooth or NFC matters none on the surface.  Stop making sense.
I wish. Apple clearly doesn't want me to spend $1500 on a fully loaded Mac mini tower, they would much rather me buy a $3000 Mac Pro which exceeds my needs. My mini is primary workstation....it drives Two 21.5" 1080p displays, has 16 GB of RAM and a 480 GB SSD that I put in. I can't do much more for this little guy. It desperately needs a quad core CPU and a better GPU than Intel HD 4000. What I wouldn't give for base model iMac specs in a new mini right now....
 Don't tease me. Every single day I lie in wait for a mini update. My 2012 model sorely needs more performance. Apple can't be so stupid as to think of the mini as unimportant. Every single article posted on every single Apple-related website that mentions any sort of Mac update lately has people commenting, "Great, who cares, WHERE IS TEH MAC MINI?!"
New Posts  All Forums: