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 LOL why would anyone show you anything of the sort? I agree with you I just think the last point is funny. If such evidence exists, you're still not going to see it.
Wait! It could yet be a plesiosaur form factor.   If you look at the zoomed image, the sections of body, flippers, and most of the tail are visible and look similar. The more "filled" section, circled in my photo here, appears to be 'wake' from where the creature is closest to or breaking the surface. Presumably that is the base of the neck, which extends down below the surface.  
What a disappoint. All this time we thought Nessie was a Plesiosaur, and it turns out be a humongous Catfish.   Lame.
That's some setup. Sounds like my house. Except I'm much happier having AppleTV than Mac mini as media center. My Mac mini is in my office for work, and as long as I keep iTunes running, AppleTV never fails me.
It would be great to finally have laminated displays on iPad, but I think we've heard this wives tale before each of the last iPad updates.
FUD. You're stuck in the past.
??? Yahoo has the best Weather App on iOS, by far.
This is 100% positively without any doubt in anyone's mind...completely false. No one would have a frigging clue, except the 2% of users that might actually READ an article that says it switch to Yahoo. It never ceases to amaze me how people who post on an Apple website think the majority of users think or act the way they do.
Doubtful. After Apple's rise, Wall Street has seen fit to artificially manipulate the price down. The current stock price reflects absolutely nothing. It is all fake. All a scam. It is not based on anything real, except a bunch of thieves tweaking numbers in between bets.   Gambling with your friends is illegal, but the stock market is legal. The world makes no sense.
 Absolutely none of this makes any sense whatsoever. 1. With TouchID, slide to unlock is indeed secondary, if not finished altogether. There is certainly no need for advancement of the concept. 2. Abandon the password? Um no. TouchID relies on the use of a passcode as a backup and always will. There is no sensible way to achieve what they already have. At most, they can hopefully eventually relax the 'passcode after restart' restriction, but thats another topic. 3. It does...
New Posts  All Forums: