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Clearly, this is a kind of opt-in thing that someone could choose to use for the sake of encouragement. Its not a bad idea at all. For health goals, and other things. Its like when people opt-in to the black list for casinos to help their gambling problem.   No, Apple is not going to ship iPhones that have this turned on by default.
Agreed. Its not like an iPhone, where the need to toggle between mute/ring/mute/ring is more constant. And its now a lot easier to find volume up/down on iPad simply via touch.
What are you talking about? Why are you such an ass about it? I have a 6 Plus and love it. But I'm not a total jerk toward people who think 4" is just fine and don't need or want any bigger.4.7" pushes the limits of one-thumb usage, and some people like that. Personally, I don't care about that and prefer the other advantages of the bigger screen, but not everyone does.
I'm so happy that useless mute switch is gone. So un-Apple like to have a near useless hardware button.
Because it will be $99, to cleanly fit the product line.Apple has to do this. Keep the 4" alive for the millions that don't want bigger.
This is of course not live in 8.3 beta, and was discovered by a user digging through the beta.
They need to improve the location tracking / reporting in general. I use Find My Friends all the time, and while it works OK when the person/device is stationary, it updates far too infrequently when they are on the move. And it won't let you manually request a location update more often than once per minute.
couldn't disagree more
Why? that is in no way ideal for a desk accessory. Where do you want them to put it? Under the spacebar? That is where they have to put it on notebooks. To the right or left of the keyboard? What about right/left handed people?There is already a piece of shapely plastic you can buy that cradles your keyboard and your magic trackpad and forces them to stay together (for some reason).In all the time I've used these products with my iMacs, I've never once thought "Gee it...
 Shame on Apple for taking all this time to debut nothing but a cheaper cable bill. At $40/mon it would be $40 more per month than I pay for cable.
New Posts  All Forums: