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If you're reading these comments and coming to that conclusion...stop. These people have no idea what they're talking about.
You're wrong, of course. 4k content is still precisely no where, and of no interest to 99.9% of TV watchers. Thanks though. Keep the myth alive!
I'd still be waiting for Netflix to load on my 3rd Gen by the time I force quit the App on the 4th Gen (if I ever needed to, which I don't).
OMG. This has to stop. What is lacking about Dropbox/iCloudDrive/OneDrive/InsertOtherCloudService? These are the same services that I use on my Macs/PCs. Why would I ever want a crude local file management system on an iOS device? The worst part of my Macs and PCs are any of the directories not synced to the cloud. Any file I save to those places I eventually am without when I need it somewhere. I can't honestly say I've ever tried to do this. Why? Because its not 1998...
Treating the Surface Pro like anything other than the abomination, imitation, joke of a product that it is, would be wrong. It is probably the worst product of any kind on the market. It is terrible at being a tablet, and unfortunately has compromised and over priced its laptop-side to become a tablet. It has no strong points, and no real market. The only people I saw buying the old Surface were people wanting the most portable non-netbook PC they could get their hands on....
It is called the new AppleTV + 802.11ac.
Pretty impressive. I wear mine everyday and can't imagine being without it. I just wish it wasn't so damn slow.
Doesn't do you much good when using the Smart Keyboard. But yeah.
I have an iMac as my main work station, and instead of having to carry a MacBook every where I go, I can now use iPad Pro. It is big enough and functional enough with the keyboard to let me use native Apps 90% of the time, and VNC for the handful of things I can't do natively. And on top of that, it can be an iPad when I'm not just working.
Bingo. A physical eraser has to be a big rubber bump, an ideal digital eraser is not.
New Posts  All Forums: