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Amen. Amen. Amen. Bloggers don't get it. 1/3 of iPhone owners couldn't tell you what color they bought let alone how much storage they have. It doesn't matter to the basic consumer.
I miss the days when they didn't allow you change the Home Screen wallpaper. What people do to it today is just vomit worthy.
It's not a mess and it doesn't need to get better. I'm not sure how this service confuses anyone...you search iTunes for something you want, you click one button, and the whole album is added to your library. It's no different than buying music from iTunes has ever been, except now you don't have to pay for it. I long ago stopped buying music at a high rate, but in the short time I've had Apple Music I've added and listened to dozens of albums. It's not complicated, or...
Water proofing will continue to get better with iPhones and will also never be advertised by Apple; just like the many other things that they don't advertise that users should never be making a phone-buying decisions based on.   When you see a company like Samsung bragging about 3 GB of RAM and Waterproofing...run as fast as you can in the other direction.   On Monday, Tim Cook did not say, "Customers are loving the additional RAM and additional water...
Meh. I can deal with unmoving trees and water until its real live satellite video.
One of these days I'll start using Notes and stop using Text Edit like I've been doing since the dawn of time.
I can't wait until I can walk in and out of a room wearing an AppleWatch and the lights turn on / off, temperature set to my preference, etc.
Making it last longer than 1 full day is of no benefit to anyone. I have 1 Apple Watch charger, and its on my nightstand. I'm not wearing the damn thing to bed, so there is absolutely positively no benefit whatsoever to it lasting longer than a day....I'm putting it on the charger at night like I do every other device. Under what delusion must I operate to see the benefit of putting it on the charger every other night?
Having worn the 42mm model for months now, I can safely say I'm very much interested in a larger model. Perhaps 48mm.   Compared to other "big watches that men wear" the 42mm is still rather small.
Whatever happened to the old rumored idea of using the Time Capsule as an update hub for the home? The idea was if you have a Time Capsule with a enough storage, it could be used not just to Time Machine-backup your Macs, but for wireless iOS device backups too. It could also detect software updates when they become available from Apple, and download them immediately. Then the Time Capsule would notify each device to let them know an update was available. The update is...
New Posts  All Forums: