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Translation: there never was a 5.5" model
Want the short list? Truthfully, if you have to ask, you'll have a hard time understanding why. I think today most people are pretty aware of the huge disconnect between the elite few that are hand selected for political office.........and real people. But, there are still those that believe that political leaders are actually real people that get legitimately nominated/elected for office. To be one of these people, you need not be a person, but a soulless monster, wiling...
Apple has always failed us in their unwavering devotion to mainstream politics. Nothing has changed under Tim Cook. FFS, Al Gore of all people is (still?) on the board. He should be in an institution.
Odd considering this is definitely worse, even at DP3, than all of Mavericks development. Basic, basic functions are incredibly slow, totally broken, or otherwise very unresponsive.   Kernel panics galore through all 3 DP's so far.
1. Apple patents all-glass electronics   2. Apple builds all-glass eletronics   3. Samsung laughs at the joke-of-a US patent system, and makes one too, and gets away with it.
Really on top of things today AI.
All I want to know is: App Extensions....Will we FINALLY be able to have AdBlock for Mobile Safari.
Lmao. No.As already pointed out, there was surely someone 10-15 years ago that said, "text message?" Why not just call someone and have a conversation.No.
There you go again. Adding nothing to conversation, distorting previous posts, name calling, and borderline stalking. You bore me, like you wouldn't believe. Look at that line I bolded. How sad is that. Do you really feel like that's how the internet works? I can say whatever I want, and be completely right or completely wrong, and guess what? It makes no difference. At least its more interesting than what you contribute, which amounts to nothing more than out-of-context...
Can we please hear from all the people who think this means Apple is trying to clear inventory for the successful iPod touch product to get ready for the 'brand new' iPod touch launching later this year? Come on, please? I love those people.   What you just saw here is the extent of the iPod touch updates for 2014.
New Posts  All Forums: