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I love my 6 Plus, but Apple did a lot of people a disservice by not making a new 4" option also. My wife will never move on from the 5s now, and cannot benefit from ApplePay and other new innovations, because she does not like the sheer size of the 6. The 5s is as large as she feels comfortable with.   Disappointed in this to say the least. Maybe next year they'll wise up and refresh the 4" size.
Hardly. If you spent any amount of time with it, you'd find it useful. Not for typing out a paragraph, for filling in gaps and choosing suggestions. People spend so much time developing these things and you get people like you that use it for all of 30 seconds and then turn it off, and say Meh its flawed! Well, Meh! You're flawed!
All the 3rd party keyboards are extremely buggy, which is disappointing. There are no where near as smooth or polished as the Apple Keyboard. Assuming that all gets worked out, I agree that Swype is impressive. Much faster and easier to program than any other I've tried. My only complaint with it is that it deviates from the Apple Keyboard layout far too much..
I love my 6 Plus. It's a huge winner with me. Going from a 5s.   The best part about it.....is that its not an iPod touch. 
Lol....um....a Telephone poll?
Seems to count my steps. Wonder what else it can do automatically.
That is pretty cool. Yes indeed I would assume it means more usage due to: low signal.
Mine is all Home & Lockscreen on my 6 Plus because I can't stop staring at it.
Just curious...do you believe it makes logistical sense the way Apple delays production of new models as long as possible, vs. starting sooner and having more inventory at launch. I've seen a lot of people, who don't understand the real reasoning behind this, try to justify it, and its always entertaining to watch.
I almost forgot about Apple pay since I got my 6 Plus yesterday! Cannot wait for that. And rumored Mac mini refresh!!! Halelujiah! 
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