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I don't understand this acquisition at all. Is Apple still after the golden goose of curation? Impossible. Its not something you are ever going to perfect.   Apple already had it as good as it gets with Genius. Genius collected the info about the Libraries/Playlists of hundreds of millions of iTunes users and used that data to create Genius Playlists. Then they acquired LaLa, and I think a few other similar small streaming outfits, and combined Genius with all of those...
Everything you just said was invented in your post alone. There is no PR fiasco. If you consider the measly cost of the acquisition, the hardware business alone will recoup that in short order...which means if Beats Music has even 1 subscriber, its profitable.
 Do better. You people are looney toons.
I unfortunately need to test my products on Android devices, so I have the latest greatest from Samsung and Amazon. The stupid always-on-the-screen navigation TAKES UP PIXELS. You can't design a single application to properly use the display, because it is always a little bit less thanks to the useless on screen software nav buttons. And whats worse? Thanks to the "flexibility" of Android, Galaxy devices have the nav along the bottom, Kindle along the side! Its totally...
 Not really. The FDA is one of many government agencies that use a facade of public service to hide extremely illicit activity. They are run by a street gang of pharmaceutical companies that exist purely for profit, and not for human betterment. I wouldn't trust a single thing out of that agency if my life depended on it. So, I might as well use a gadget for medical advice, compared to the FDA.
Well guess what, opinions are just that. iOS and OS X are following similar design trends, period. There is nothing wrong with it. iTunes works just fine. It is great now, in fact.
I'd rather take medical advice from an AppleWatch than the FDA.
What do you mean, "figure out what to do" The Home Button is perfect the way it is. Android devices with their stupid software home button that ruins the resolution, barely ever works, and loses all tactile meaning is a piece of shit.
Thats my favorite. When people say  "Apple catching up with large screen phones." Apple released the largest screen on a phone anyone had ever imagined with iPhone 1.
Based on what? Show me your data. Chromebook's are a failure. The only people that buy them do on impulse due to price, and then have extreme buyer's remorse when they realize its not Windows, or anything remotely familiar, and runs nothing.
New Posts  All Forums: