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They aren't dumb. This. Is. A. Scam. All they have to do to get what they want, is provide fake information on terrorism to get anything they want.
I need the keyboard far more than the pencil...the lack of any anywhere is a disappointment.
That is a lot of people still using 4" iPhones. Let's hope the rumors are true and a new 4" device with Apple Pay is coming soon.
It's 2015. Any artist that "withholds" their music from a streaming service might as will just give up.
Guess I won't be listening to it then...
You mean its supposed to be used for what a pencil is normally for. What a concept.
And because of the whiners, we can't even take a moment to appreciate how much better iOS is than the traditional computer. I use every imaginable cloud service available, and I still end up with files on my Desktop, or in my Downloads folder, or randomly saved to my Home directory, that aren't with me when I'm on iOS. With the iOS approach, Files are always saved with a particular App, and the App either syncs withs own servers or iCloud. In an iOS world, I am never...
+1000000 There is literally nothing standing in the way now. It is now possible for ANY App to both Open Files From and Save Files To any App on the device. All that is required is Third Party Developer support. The conversation should be about how lazy developers have become, and how the more APIs Apple gifts the community, the fewer get used by developers. As I say all the time, and keep saying until I'm blue in the face, Apple needs to get heavy handed and start...
Has Apple gotten greedy? Or has the sense of entitlement grown completely out of whack? 
Smart move to make a 4" A9 with ApplePay, and 12 MP camera. If it doesn't get 3D Touch, so be it. Disappointing, but so be it.
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