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Bahahahahah! What a post. Its like someone else said, its just one troll meme after another. 1. Fugly; Looks fine to me. But, after all you are here to bash it, so you're not going to say it looks good. 2. A solution in search of a problem; Wow I bet you felt smart using that phrase. Well, you only look smart when you use it in the correct context. Watches are prime for a comeback into people's lives if they can be made to be useful. The iPhone has dozens of simple tasks...
I'm still very surprised by the amount of people (site admins included) across the web that seem to be completely clueless on what  WATCH is.   It is an iPhone accessory, that is meant to take many iPhone tasks that are more appropriate to a wrist worn device, and make it so.   It seems the people who GET THIS, are extremely happy with  WATCH and have not been surprised by anything. My main goal with  WATCH is to be able to check things like Time, Notifications,...
I have a feeling that iOS 9 will round this out a bit, and provide user options for which devices receive alerts (without having to disable any functionality).
The funniest thing I find is reviews about Digital Touch. Long story short; most Apple Watch early adopters need girlfriends. Right out of the box, my wife and I will probably use Digital Touch in place of 50% of text messages. Its just...fun. And easy.
Really? You think when a tragedy occurs its ok to put your head down and pretend the Red Cross is benevolent organization that helps people with the money it steals receives?
I look for these types of comments, and the poster to my ignore list.
Not too long ago the A5 powered the iPhone. Now it powers an iPhone accessory.
Somebody pull out a chair for captain obvious, he must be exhausted. The watch industry has its own customer base of mostly watch collectors. They make watches knowing exactly how many they will sell...the same amount they sold of the last one. Aside from being called a watch, none of that could have any less in common with  Watch.
Get a grip.  Photos shits on iPhoto, and Aperture for that matter.
Just what people need. Facebook on their watch.  #revolutionary
New Posts  All Forums: