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 The bold is accurate. They don't have any authority over ANYTHING, let alone whether or one US company acquires another. 
FWIW, in the past iPhone parts that have appeared online and are pushed as legitimate parts from upcoming iPhones, generally turn out to be exactly that. I can't ever remember seeing a variety of parts leaks that were, in the end, proven to be illegitimate.   That said, I'm still not convinced the 5.5 exists.
This is a question that is always asked by people who shouldn't be installing it. I am using it as my daily driver on an important work machine....WHY? Because I know what I'm doing, and when things go wrong, I can recover quickly. I can be back in business from a time machine backup, for either yosemite or mavericks, at any time i wish. I've seen random kernel panics occur all the way up through and including DP4. There are major unresolved issues. If you don't know how...
Looks like a great concept and perfect addition to the product line....that was executed terribly and resulted in a cheap product, poorly made and overpriced.
In that case, you should be thrown off the jury. There are many people who think this way (or at least WANT to think this way), and thus precludes them from every comprehending that Apple is no different from Google, Facebook, or Microsoft under the surface. Once you get this big and this successful, the mafia comes in and shakes you down for everything you've got, and won't allow you to continue unless you play ball. And by mafia I of course mean government. They were...
        The profits they turn on products that are older than the competition's offerings are nothing short of amazing, and speak to the quality of and demand for those products. Analysts be damned, but they are not the only ones that see Apple as ignoring existing parts of their product line, or forging any new ventures into new product lines. The Mac lineup has seen nothing of significance in 2014.The AppleTV is full of potential, and long overdue for some treatment.The...
In my opinion it's no where near ready yet, even for public "beta"
No one told Apple to once again release nothing in the first 9 months of the year and ride the coat tails of last year's products for this year's revenue. My own outlook on them is dismal. AppleTV and iWatch initiatives are not going to materialize this year, and frankly that's an embarrassment. The old Apple released more quality products in a calendar year.
And that is how business works and money is made. All of Apple's Macs should see a 20% price cut for completely unrelated reasons, but I do not agree with your idea that more models is better than fewer models. I dislike other companies that say THIS is the product at $XXXX....but you can get a bastardized version of it for $XXX... #consumerchoice No. All that does is cheapen your offering and lead to poor customer satisfaction. The same customer would have been thrilled...
Catholicism is just as dangerous, and the Pope just as evil. Maybe even more so if you consider reality vs. perception.
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