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Obviously it should be like a console game controller....where you can still use the device like it were a wired version while plugged in, but most of the time you don't need it plugged in.   I'm really hoping they use Lightning and not USB-C...I don't need an otherwise useless USB-C cable permanently taking up a port on my iMac...there is already a Lightning cable claiming a port, so when the need arises I should be able to connect that.
Yeah thats called a defective unit. Apple keyboards last forever.
CarPlay is officially no where. Its vaporware. What a stupid article.
I'm simply don't buy the battery argument. I've worn my Apple Watch every day for months now and never once has my charger left my nightstand. Never once has my watch died on me while in use.   I'm not sleeping with the damn thing on, and when you take it off it makes for a great alarm clock/nightstand. Why wouldn't you put it on the charger at night is the better question.   Complaining about Apple Watch battery and claiming it needs to last multiple days instead of 1...
I'm going to ridicule it to if they do something so foolish. There are plenty of third party accessories for the people that really feel like they need that. For 99% of people and daily interaction, its unnecessary junk.
Having Christopher Walken introduce Apple products would be absolutely glorious.
Definitely getting one of these, and really looking forward to the keyboard accessories. I am the only one who would like a "trackpad mode" of some kind to use while using a bluetooth keyboard? I think now with the device getting larger the larger keyboard accessories may have room on them for a little trackpad. To me I would find that more useful than touching the screen while using the keyboard.   I really don't want a MacBook, I want to make the iPad good enough to...
Just looking at the bullet points....half the show is not about Apple. Love your work. Don't give a **** about Samsung or Google. Thanks.
The best thing that could ever happen to people would be to stop watching "news" broadcasts.
Its just a show. This is for planting the idea that they can't already decrypt anything they want. Of course they can, and do regularly. They know no sensible human race would ever give them legal authority on it...they just want the idea planted that they can't.
New Posts  All Forums: