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You do understand that the reason the Apple Watch requires iPhone and is not a standalone product is the same reason why it will not ever be used with an iPod touch, right?
RIGHT?!?! AND No Cellular either! What a joke! Oh wait, its not an iPhone, and it only costs $200..... 
 ?You over exaggerate the usefulness of a portable that is Wi-Fi only. No it will not pair with Apple Watch. No it does not have GPS. No it will not suddenly become popular again.
All irrelevant. The Apple TV is an Apple product that grossly overdue for update and enhancement. Forget competitors. There are no competitors. It has fallen behind its own brethren in the ecosystem.  I'm annoyed at having to wait for AppleTV to catch up to the innovation of iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I'm annoyed at having to wait for AppleTV to get a faster A-series chip for better AirPlay experience, 802.11ac for better network performance, and a better UI that works...
Samsung copies everything it can from Apple...for no other reason than to create subconscious association in the minds of the average consumer. They don't give a shit about the tech **** that know one product from another. They only care about the hundreds of millions of average consumers that know nothing about them, and will inevitably make uninformed purchasing decisions.
 What the hell kind of answer is that? I want something better. Not worse.
 The list may be accurate, but not everything should Apple be so proud of at this stage... Apple Pay: more banks every day, yet no initiative in retail since launch. Apple's real strength in this space is their negotiation prowess, and we've seen zero momentum in retail. Until its a higher percentage of places people shop, its still basically nonexistent. HomeKit: Almost as slow to market as CarPlay, with fewer excuses. Another area where Apple could have come out of the...
The "skinny channel subscription" Apple has been sweating over holds a minutia of interest to me, compared to the revamped Apple TV hardware and OS. It is so desperately in need of major overhaul. Getting rather annoyed as a customer that I'm being made to wait for such an overdue refresh.
Shouldn't be allowed. Those devices should be forcibly updated to the latest version of iOS that they support. Automatically. Over the Air. Assuming conditions are met (free storage, locked, charging, connected to wifi, user is sleeping).
I just want to make sure that everyone understands that they do not have benevolent intent with these demands. This has nothing to do with public safety. The government isn't just trying to eliminate a security hole. They want to maintain the ability to spy on all citizens, as they have been able to do for a long time. Personal encrypted technology is now encroaching on that ability, so naturally they want to eradicate it.   Just want to make sure everyone is aware.
New Posts  All Forums: