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It's not out of the question for iPhones to launch and ship with iOS 7.x. It's starting to look like that might be the case, because of how early this info is coming out.Otherwise you're right, it will wait until September like the last two years...yet still technically summer.
I'm growing tired of your uninspired troll comments.Not only does it make perfect sense, it is happening. Enough leaks have confirmed it. It's happening. And I'm glad. Because I'm right handed, and it should have been in the top left all along.
$700??? I doubt my vehicle is worth adding $700 of anything into it. I'll stick with my iPhone mounted on the dash, thanks.
Was never going to be the case, so you set yourself up for that disappointment.
Apple got it right and we want more support for this in world. Microsoft should pay Apple a license to allow Passbook on Windows Phone. The eight people that use it would appreciate it.
Stumbled upon this thread and am sweating a little as I have this exact machine....
Yes that's exactly what it means. They don't need it, or they would have gotten it. Needing it means you can't do without it....the people that buy and use 16 GB iPhones....absolutely do without it, every single day. This is an argument you can't win....just because your experience with a 16 GB model indicates you bought the wrong one for your needs, continues to NOT dictate, or have anything to do with, what should be available at what price point.
Why would material ever make an iPhone a must have? Do you think anyone cares what its made of? Besides people on a website like this, I mean. This kind of conjecture is so much fun. We don't actually know if Apple is really doing 2 new sizes....but if they are, we have to have a completely rational explanation for it already prepared. 
 I've been thinking the same thing given the amount of detailed leaks from manufacturing this early. But perhaps they are just ramping up sooner (finally!) In order to meet that demand come launch.... But I have to wonder....with an obvious new resolution on the way....devs are going to have to update apps. Apple has rarely allowed much lead time for this to happen from announcement to release. Sure they give plenty of time for a new iOS update, but they had barely 2 weeks...
You're distorting the obvious reality. The 4.7" model will not go up to $299 starting point. It will start at $199. It is the 5.5" device that will command the $299 starting price. Meanwhile, the 5s as we know it, or a 5s inside of a new shell to match the new design of the new lineup, will be the 4" offering at $99.
New Posts  All Forums: