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Lengthly list that is not limited to me by any means: iOS 8: -iOS 8 is tough to evaluate, as very few 3rd party Apps work well or at all with it. Developers seem keen to wait until the GM is released to prepare their initial update....but I worry about the devs that are not on top of things. iOS 8 breaks a lot of Apps. -Certain iOS 8 devices still struggle with WiFi issues particularly the iPad Air on 5 Ghz networks. -It is very easy to overload memory on any iOS 8 device...
I wouldn't really call that "thinking". I can't even begin to think about describing the sheer absurdity that goes into thinking that Apple would even consider making a 4.7 iPhone and then 5.5 iPod touch. There is no fathomable stretch of the imagination that could even pretend to take that seriously.
I can't even begin to express the insanity that this is. But then again, we live in a completely insane world in an insane time. Somehow I manage to use technology every day and yet DON'T have my head firmly up my ass. Imagine that? Its possible. The very next governor can step in and completely nix this entire thing with one stroke. Hopefully that happens.
I'm guessing the GM on Sept. 9th will be some kind of miracle build...considering iOS 8 beta 5 is no where near ready for prime time.
I sure wish they would offer a quad core 13".   Having had 15" MBP, it really is unnecessarily large for a laptop. 13" is a good size.
Whats a Twitch?
I too would find it very odd if, at a shared event with something like iPhone, said: "Oh yeah and here's the iWatch, its real, and its on sale next week too." I just don't think so. The hype machine will likely have to do its thing for a while. I expect a minimum 60 day lead time from announcement to release....and considering the lack of any evidence for an iWatch....its not 2014.
I would love to get the Kwikset product, but the biggest problem these devices have is the door themselves...specifically latching without any push/pull on the door. Many of us probably deal with it all the time, but rarely notice....Heavy front doors will often be off by a millimeter or two, and when we latch a dead bolt, we pull or push the door ever so slightly to allow the bolt to latch.... Take the human push/pull out of the equation and these automatic dead bolts...
We get it. You don't understand the differences at all. That's ok. Plenty of people don't.
HAHAHHAHA.  Sorry. No. -Actual Developer. 
New Posts  All Forums: