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Regarding 802.11ac on the iPhone....     My iPhone 5s has no problem getting 115 Mbps download speeds on 802.11n with the newest Airport Extreme.   It could probably do more, but 115 Mbps is what I pay for.   I don't think your tests are a good example of anything.
What does this have to do with anything? Do you not understand that this release is an embarrassment and never should have happened? I know all that jazz that you just spewed out necessarily. None of it matters. They still released 8.0.1, somehow completely oblivious to the fact that the new iPhones would NOT EVEN HAVE CELL SERVICE upon updating. I don't care how much iPhone 6 money they are busy counting right now....maybe that is the problem.....arrogance. Either way, it...
Seriosuly? You can imagine a scenario where anything other than sheer stupidity and piss poor management led to the release of an update that completely broke the new line of iPhones? Apple has dropped the ball in a dozen ways this month.
Don't parade your OWN ignorance by ignoring the plain and simple fact that if Apple started production sooner, they would have more units at launch. They don't. On purpose. The lack of inventory at launch is not a "problem" for them, per se.
And because there are 100-150 million more devices now than 1 year ago....it has actually far exceed iOS 7 adoption rates....but no one sees fit to mention that.   46% of 700 million and 850 million are not the same thing.
Applebees? Guess how fast you'd be thrown out of the marketing meeting.
Somehow I don't think they would have given it prominent placement in Apple's bundled Apps on the App Store, or just added it as a channel to AppleTV.....if there was even a remote shred of truth to this rumor.
What makes you think any one of these "buyers" thinks that far ahead?
No way to stop international scalping unless Apple can get regulatory approval before launch.   No way to stop domestic scalping, unless Apple starts actually making enough devices to meet demand. But then again, creating scarcity is one of the things they're best at. Oh yeah, they had "no idea" that everyone wanted a Gold 5s at launch last year. Right.   I'll give you each one guess on exactly how many ****s are given by Apple, about scalping. One guess.
I can safely conclude from this thread that not one person has any idea how VoLTS works... Including the carriers.
New Posts  All Forums: