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Really? You think when a tragedy occurs its ok to put your head down and pretend the Red Cross is benevolent organization that helps people with the money it steals receives?
I look for these types of comments, and the poster to my ignore list.
Not too long ago the A5 powered the iPhone. Now it powers an iPhone accessory.
Somebody pull out a chair for captain obvious, he must be exhausted. The watch industry has its own customer base of mostly watch collectors. They make watches knowing exactly how many they will sell...the same amount they sold of the last one. Aside from being called a watch, none of that could have any less in common with  Watch.
Get a grip.  Photos shits on iPhoto, and Aperture for that matter.
Just what people need. Facebook on their watch.  #revolutionary
Ha! Yet another armchair blogger that believes Apple is at the mercy of is supply chain, and not the other way around. Factors that Apple has direct control over that have nothing to do with "how fast the Chinese can churn them out": - When production begins- The size of the production line- The planned number of devices produced per day- The scheduled dates for shipment waves- The entire retail distribution channel- The launch date- The intended launch experience The...
 1) I agree...except it will be a 4" device, not a 4.7".2) This is profoundly incorrect. No clue where you get that idea. Its just, false. While Apple doesn't release these numbers, many other sales metrics have come out in the past indicating, year after year, 1/3 of all iPhone sales are of $0 and $99 price points (combined). The majority of those being the $99 model. That model is extremely important to Apple's lineup and strategy every year, which is why, without fail,...
No, it does not make sense. The 5s made sense last year. This year, it is too far behind the pack to demand a $99 price point. And no, the 4.7" iPhone 6 will not drop into the $99 price point. Apple very much needs to spec bump either the 5s or the 5c, with upgraded internals equivalent to an iPhone 6, to address the $99 price point this year.
Yeah...sounds like you have no idea how management works."It is a supply chain issue"...do you really believe Apple executives sit around and say, "Aww damn we're not gonna have retail inventory because China is slow lately, what a shame."???This is not how things work in the real world. 
New Posts  All Forums: