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After opening Photos and letting it create a new library with just my iCloud content, I can see there is no way to import anything from iPhoto at that point.   So I held option, and selected my iPhoto Library to open in Photos. That went surprisingly fast and the entire library is now there. Great.   Trying to turn on iCloud, (you have to tell it that this is your primary library, whatever), it scans photo/video size, and now just says Updating...   I let it alone...
Oh really? Because reading this thread or every thread is nothing but a whiny pissing match over what this can do vs Aperture vs. iPhoto vs. Lightroom vs. Who gives a ****. I want to use THIS program. And I would like if the god damn thread would talk about this program. Everyone of you should have your posts deleted for derailing the entire thread into your childish debate. No one cares.
Yea, right. Ok.
How do you import from iPhoto? Is this not functional yet?
get the **** over yourself.
Interesting take on it Twitter. Considering Apple is responsible for ALL THE REST OF YOUR USERS too.
How do you import an iPhoto library?
So far with this update:   1. My Retina iMac froze on restart....thankfully it came back.   2. My Mac mini is in constant kernal panic boot state, and won't start.   Thanks a lot Apple. Beta or not, thats unacceptable.
Can't wait for "all the people" (aka about five) that complain about the AppleWatch configuration App not being deletable. Just wait. There will be tens of posts about it. Can'tdeletegate Part Deux.
I am extremely skeptical that buying her out of her last job was worth a dime of it. Time will tell.
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