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+1Apple needs to start removing Apps from the store that don't include enough Apple-created features.The fact that there still apps all over my home screen that don't support 3-D touch is a failure on Apple's part to get involved.The fact that Netflix doesn't have picture-in-picture support for iOS nine, which they've had all summer to work on, is a fucking embarrassment.
Had nothing to do with being in your pocket and everything to do with being carelessly smashed against the inner wall of a go cart, with force applied by gas-powered acceleration.
You just have to chuckle and shake your head. Day one you'll have people like this that think they know better than Apple. Realistically, do you have any concept of just how many people and how much time was spent on deciding what the shortcuts would be? Apple knows better than you. One day, you will likely be able to change those shortcuts via settings as other quality options come to light. I just think it's hilarious that right of out the gates there are people like...
It does actually make the Lock Screen itself almost useless. But Yes I agree, with an AppleWatch, there are no notifications or anything on my Lock Screen that I haven't already seen on the watch.
This is unreal. Ad Blocker charging advertisers to not block their ads. Amazing.    So what you're telling me is I need to develop the Crystal blocker and then they have to pay me to let Crystal through.
Or you could, you know, pre-order. None of this is about getting a phone though.
They are great. And they complete the puzzle for people (like me) who have 24-bit FLACs to listen to, and an App like Vox or FLAC Player to play them. Literally the best possible quality on an iPhone today, delivered through headphones.
I'm trying Plex again today for the first time in a long time and its....stellar.
Thank you captain obvious. The point remains. I bet CS reps from TMobile are the most clueless of all the carriers. Unless they've checked Twitter in the last hour, they don't know what the company is offering.
Yeah see, I hope the exact opposite. I hope it does work over CEC otherwise I think its a half-assed implementation. The only other equipment connected to my TV is my soundbar over Optical. Hoping that it all somehow plays nice together.
New Posts  All Forums: