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 Apple doesn't do worthless gimmicks. I have the 3 new Lightning peripherals sitting on my desk right now. Genius Apple made sure they recharge with the cable that is already plugged in to one of my USB ports.
Although I have no doubt that the Remote App will return in time, I think it was smart of them to force everyone to USE the new Remote, instead of throwing in the drawer and falling back on their old (shitty) remote app, and then saying "Hey this thing isn't all that different!!!!" IMO, they could have, and should have, made Siri and Dictation far more robust before doing this...but they didn't.
 Says you, but I think this makes perfect sense. Spend 3 seconds thinking about the user input from the new remote, and you know that side scrolling is the easiest and most intuitive gesture. This has been used all over the OS, including the new on screen keyboard. Whenever possible, you scroll left/right, because its the better gesture.
On the contrary, iPad is as successful as it is because of how similar it is to iPhone, not the other way around. Inbetweeny tablets that don't identify themselves or their purpose fail. 
That's exactly what this is. If the Apps themselves aren't good enough, that's developers fault. All the hardware is there.
My plan is to get iPad Pro through AT&T NEXT. They haven't announced it yet, but I'm sure it is coming.
With all due respect, most people could not care less about the pencil. I'm excited for it, but graphic design is part of what I do for a living. I think more people who buy the iPad Pro will get the Keyboard over the Pencil. The Pencil is cool, and great for certain users, but that is a micro-segment of the market.
The iPad 2 was still on sale and heavily promoted by Apple until only very recently.
My 5k iMac had an issue with this update, during one of the restarts it hung up on a black screen. The kind of thing that would make a normal user absolutely freak out and bombard the forums with Apple-hate.   Booted into Safe Mode and it recovered on its own, finish the install properly. For reasons like this, I disagree with the sensibility of a "public beta". The very idea goes against better judgement.
I agree overall, and a lot of the bitching is indeed just like Apple Watch bitching...having no clue what the product is. That said, It isn't hard to argue that the voice input is far more limited than it should have been, given that its only one of two ways to interact with it.
New Posts  All Forums: